MUST-SEE Top Ten Video Countdown!!…

Scores of consumers respond to The Valentine’s Day Wendy’s break-up challenge, the videos are in, and they are spectacular!!

In the final stretch before the upcoming Workers’ Voice Tour, as communities from South Florida to upstate New York mobilize for next month’s big actions, we have been calling on Fair Food supporters across the country to turn up the pressure on Wendy’s.  Just this past weekend, for example, we put out the call for anyone whose heart beats for farmworker justice to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a special video message for for the hamburger giant.  And now that the videos are in, we just have to say, the response blew us away!

There was no way that we could have anticipated the quantity — and quality — of the videos that came rolling in throughout the weekend.  It was truly a struggle to pick out the Top Ten!  Incredibly cute kids, American Idol level singing, heartfelt breakup soliloquies, even some pet tricks worthy of a Super Bowl commercial… there was some of everything in the remarkable mix of creativity and solidarity.  The singing sister duo Priscilla and Crystal from Lakeland (in the incredible video at the top of the post) surely took the overall gold — but not without some heated competition. 

So, without further ado, here are the top ten videos from the Valentine’s Day Weekend of Action, listed in countdown style, from #10 to #1 (though also make sure to check out the Student/Farmworker Alliance Facebook page for the full selection!):

10.  Ileana from Orlando, Florida (plus featured guests!)

9. Amanda from Columbus, Ohio

8. Malú from Miami, Florida

7. Marianna from Nashville

English:  Wendy’s, we have to talk. I like your hamburgers, I like your ads. But I can’t go on with someone who supports exploitation of workers. We have a date every Friday night… but it’s over. No more Wendy’s Friday nights.

6. Josh from Lakeland

5. Priscilla and Crystal from Lakeland (encore!)

English:  Wendy’s, we had a good time, when we were together… but we have to tell you that, if you don’t sign onto the Fair Food Program, it’s over.

4. Fatima from Denver

3. Real Food Challenge from Baltimore

2. Yemily and Daisy from Immokalee

1.  Jabari from Gainesville

BONUS:  Chuey from Chicago!