Extra! Extra! 2016 Workers’ Voice Tour website launched… Register to join us today!


Ready to join farmworkers for the major spring action to demand justice from Fair Food holdout Wendy’s?  Find the schedule, registration info, social media and more at the Workers’ Voice Tour website

Just one month ago, we shared the exciting invitation to this year’s major spring action, the 2016 Workers’ Voice Tour:

This coming March 2-12, farmworkers and thousands of consumer allies will be mobilizing to bring Wendy’s — the lone holdout among the big five fast-food companies of Yum Brands, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Wendy’s — into the Fair Food Program! 


Drawing on the long history of CIW Truth Tours that paved the way for the award-winning Fair Food Program, farmworkers and consumers will join forces for a tour stretching from Immokalee to New York City and back again to South Florida, with a stop at Wendy’s corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, along the way.  The tour will include protest marches, educational events on the Fair Food Program, theater presentations by workers from Immokalee, and press conferences, leaving a trail of inspired consumers in its wake to take the fight to Wendy’s in the months ahead.

If you are planning to head to New York, Columbus or Palm Beach — and if you are, of course, bringing a car, van or bus full of friends along with you — you can now make it official by registering on the brand-new Tour website!  

In addition to registering, you can now get all your questions answered for all the stops along the way by checking out the new site’s Contact and Schedule pages, where you can reach out directly to organizers from the Alliance for Fair Food in each city.  And in the short four weeks between now and the tour, make sure to help spread the word on social media!


Stay tuned for new additions to the website in the weeks ahead, including more event details, mobilizing resources, press tools and more!