Strategize, organize… TAKE ACTION! Wendy’s Boycott Summit to set the stage for a huge 2016-17 season ahead…

Fair Food Nation in full-swing as preparations for September’s exciting Wendy’s Boycott Summit ramp up…

After a summer marked by a steady drumbeat of high level endorsements, momentum in the Wendy’s Boycott is growing, and the Fair Food Nation is stirring into action!  Hot on the heels of the launch of’s Wendy’s Boycott Petition earlier this week, next month’s Wendy’s Boycott Summit is rapidly approaching.

The participant list is growing daily, with representatives from every corner of the social justice world on the roster:  Faith leaders from nearly a dozen denominations and faith traditions, students and young people from universities and colleges from coast to coast, worker leaders transforming low-wage industries across the country, union organizers, human rights leaders, and many others, all united in their commitment to building a more modern, more humane agricultural industry — with a particular focus on bringing Wendy’s into the fold of the Fair Food Program. 

To give you just a taste of what this impressive group will be doing over the course of a weekend as it makes plans to lift the Wendy’s Boycott to new heights, here below are a few highlights from the jam-packed program:


  • A primer on the Fair Food Program, including expansion into northern states and new crops
  • In-depth strategy sessions for Student / Farmworker Alliance’s Boot the Braids campaign
  • Training on all of the building blocks of Fair Food actions, including how to grow powerful local Fair Food Committees, the integration of art and music into action, and basics of local action planning
  • And most importantly, the translation of all these conversations into concrete plans for Wendy’s actions throughout the fall of 2016, and even a bit of planning for the major action of spring of 2017 (stay tuned…!)

In other words: A storm is brewing in Immokalee, and it’s headed straight for Wendy’s this coming season! 

In the meantime, as we make final preparations for next month’s summit in Immokalee, please consider pitching in whatever you can to help us with the costs and make the Summit itself possible.

And, of course, keep those boycott petition numbers building!