BREAKING: Farmworkers, allies announce ‘Behind the Braids’ national truth tours, weekend of action this fall!


This fall, farmworkers and their Fair Food allies will embark on six regional tours to reveal the ugly reality of farmworker exploitation behind Wendy’s façade of social responsibility…

Fueled by the latest surge in support for the Wendy’s boycott – including last week’s endorsement by the National Council of Churches and the nearly 50,000 petition signatures on – farmworkers in Immokalee are ready to hit the road this fall with the truth about Wendy’s and its callous disregard for human rights!

Starting the first week of October, just as the harvest season begins here in Immokalee, CIW members will join thousands of consumer allies for powerful actions, film screenings, presentations, workshops, and interviews in nearly two dozen cities around the country, from the Southeast to the Midwest.  To culminate the busy season of tours, the Fair Food Nation will come together for a national weekend of action just ahead of Thanksgiving, Nov. 11-13, from coast to coast.

Here is a quick guide to the tour schedule:

[ezcol_1half]Southeast (Oct. 2-12): Nashville, Atlanta, Athens, Gainesville

Midwest, Round One (Oct. 4-10): Columbus, Louisville, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Ann Arbor

Northeast (Oct. 14-24): NYC, Providence, Boston[/ezcol_1half]

[ezcol_1half_end]Texas (Oct. 23-Nov. 3): Austin, San Antonio, McAllen

Mid-Atlantic (Oct. 24-30): Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C.

Midwest, Round Two (Nov. 6-15): Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison

National Weekend of Action (Nov. 11-13)[/ezcol_1half_end]

Join us this fall to demand full respect for the human rights of farmworkers in Wendy’s supply chain!

Last year’s shocking Los Angeles Times expose revealed the dangerous, inhumane conditions faced by workers in Mexico’s produce industry.

This October and November, we’ll set out across the U.S. with the truth about Wendy’s flight from the Fair Food Program and real social responsibility here in Florida and its decision to move its tomato purchases to Mexico, where endemic human rights violations — from child labor to modern-day slavery – go largely unchecked.  The history of the Campaign for Fair Food has shown that conditions like those in Mexico’s produce fields cannot and will not survive when brought to the attention of 21st Century consumers, and this fall’s tour blitz will spread the news of Wendy’s human rights hypocrisy to tens of thousands of consumers from Boston, Massachusetts, to Austin, Texas.  

Check out the Alliance for Fair Food website for action details for each tour stop, as well as mobilizations organized by allies for the Nov. 11-13 weekend of action as they’re confirmed.  We’ll be updating the website in the coming weeks with action dates and times, and other event details.  And if we’re stopping near you, or you’re ready to plan your own protest for the final action-filled weekend, get in touch (organize (at) to figure out the best way to bring the Wendy’s Boycott to your campus, congregation or community!