National Council of Churches, Robert F. Kennedy Center endorse Wendy’s Boycott!


Human rights leaders continue to line up behind growing fast food boycott…

Also: Great job, everyone…  Signatures on Wendy’s Boycott petition almost double overnight, nearing 50,000!!

Even as thousands of consumers continue to add their names daily to the fast-growing Wendy’s Boycott petition, the movement to bring the fast-food giant into the Fair Food fold gained two more high profile institutional endorsements this past week — the National Council of Churches and the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights!

We are proud to say that we have a longstanding and close relationship with both of these prestigious organizations, whose voices command great respect in the national faith and human rights communities.  

Then-President of hte National Council of Churches, Michael Livingston, during the 2012 Fast for Fair Food in front of Publix Headquarters
Past President of the National Council of Churches, the Rev. Michael Livingston, attaches his personal message for Publix during the 2012 Fast for Fair Food in front of Publix Headquarters.

The National Council of Churches came early to the Campaign for Fair Food, endorsing the Taco Bell Boycott in 2003.  Ever since those early days, the NCC has demonstrated unflagging support for the Fair Food movement, both in word and deed (as pictured above, Rev. Michael Livingston fasted for a week alongside workers in 2012 outside Publix headquarters in Lakeland, FL).  Now, a decade and a half after the Taco Bell Boycott, the powerful coalition of faith groups is once again bringing its impressive weight to bear in the Wendy’s boycott.

Similarly, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights — which first recognized the CIW in 2003 for its contribution to the fight against modern-day slavery with the RFK Human Rights Award — has formally announced its endorsement of the boycott!  The Center’s endorsement is a reflection of steadfast support from its president, Kerry Kennedy.  Indeed, Ms. Kennedy, in addition to accompanying farmworkers on countless actions and campaigns in the past decade, stood in the streets of New York in March of this year to join us in declaring the national Wendy’s Boycott:

We are humbled, as always, by the deep and abiding support from these two pillars of the national movement for fundamental human rights.