The Fair Food Sustainer Program takes off!

Workers at a Fair Food Program Know Your Rights education session in Virginia in July of 2016
Workers at a Fair Food Program Know Your Rights education session in Virginia in July of 2016

… and now we need to keep the momentum going!

“This Program should be everywhere and cover everything… When are you coming to Tennessee?”

“…this Program really has power… but [in order for it to keep growing] we all have to work together.”

– Worker feedback from recent Fair Food Program human rights education sessions 

Over the course of the past two summers, the CIW’s worker-to-worker education team has been on the front lines of expanding the Fair Food Program’s protections to thousands of farmworkers in new states and new crops.  With the growth of the Program, more and more workers — from those picking tomatoes on farms from Georgia to New Jersey, to those picking strawberries or bell peppers in Florida under the FFP — have the same message for CIW members:  This Program brings real, tangible change to the fields, and it is urgently needed everywhere fruits and vegetables are harvested by hand in the U.S.

sustainer_logo_merged_600The growing call for human rights beyond the Program’s current reach was one of the principal driving forces behind last week’s launch of an exciting new way for consumer allies to join us in expanding the FFP’s protections for farmworkers’ fundamental rights:  The Fair Food Sustainer Program.

In just one week, an overwhelming number of you have risen to the challenge of becoming monthly sustainers of the Program!  Now we need to keep the momentum going.  If you haven’t yet become a Fair Food Sustainer, make sure to sign up today.  And if you have — let’s double your impact!  Consider family, friends, fellow students, fellow congregants, fellow community members, and invite them to join you in becoming a Sustainer, too.

With the help of the network of thousands of committed allies like you, each stepping up to pitch in at the amount he or she can, the basic protections that workers urgently need can spread to even more communities of low-wage workers, not only across the country, but also around the globe.