TOMORROW: Send a heartfelt Fair Food message to Wendy’s for Valentine’s Day!

ACTION ALERT: Melt that frosty heart!  Send Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor a special message on February 14th to let him know you will boycott Wendy’s until they join the Presidential Medal-winning Fair Food Program…

Last week, the CIW released a must-see, 30-second spoof (above) of Wendy’s Super Bowl commercial to wide acclaim.  The CIW’s video — which has reached a whopping 17,000 views since the big game, and continues to climb — exposed a fundamental contradiction in Wendy’s new pitch: Even if the fast-food chain’s burger patties aren’t be frozen, it’s corporate heart most certainly is.  But if the history of the Campaign for Fair Food offers any insight into the future, the vibrant creativity and commitment of the Fair Food movement will thaw Wendy’s frosty heart! 

Tomorrow, take a moment on Valentine’s Day to turn up the heat on Wendy’s and let them know that the boycott will continue to grow until the last fast-food hold out joins the CIW’s Fair Food Program!  

Need some more inspiration?  Here is the official call to action from the Alliance for Fair Food:


On Feb. 14, join the Fair Food Nation in mailing Valentine’s Day cards to Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor, to remind Wendy’s top executive of our commitment to boycott the world’s third largest hamburger chain until they join the Presidential Medal-winning Fair Food Program!

Check out the action resources from the Alliance for Fair Food for creative ideas, graphics, guides and tips for sending your Valentines to Wendy’s Headquarters and organizing a spirited action at your local Wendy’s. 

Craft your Valentine to Mr. Penegor with a special Wendy’s Boycott twist, document it by uploading a selfie to social media using #BoycottWendys and tagging @Wendys, and then seal the deal by mailing it to the following address:

Mr. Todd A. Penegor
The Wendy’s Company, Inc.
One Dave Thomas Boulevard
Dublin, OH 43017

Indeed, the CIW’s stalwart Women’s Group — as usual — is leading the way!  Yesterday, the Women’s Group members and their families took Sunday afternoon to craft their own message for Wendy’s…


… and snapped a photo before delivering a letter to the local Wendy’s manager and folding up that beautiful valentine for the mailman to whisk it up to Dublin, Ohio, for Mr. Penegor on Valentine’s Day!


In the words of CIW’s Nely Rodriguez:  “We are launching this year’s Valentine’s Day action, and calling on allies around the country to join us in sending Wendy’s a message:  We demand dignity for ourselves and our families!  We will boycott your restaurants until the day comes that you sign an agreement with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and join the Fair Food Program.”

As you join CIW members and fellow Fair Food allies in penning a special Valentine’s Day message for Wendy’s, make sure to snap a photo, post it to Twitter and Facebook, and send it along to Immokalee!