Supermarket Guru: “Fair Food Agreements Might Just Be the Next Big Thing”!

Retail food expert, followed by over tens of thousands of consumers nationwide, shines spotlight on FFP’s success, “The results speak for themselves”…

“Supermarket Guru” Phil Lempert is one of the retail food industry’s leading experts.  Reporting on all kinds of food news, from the newest trends in healthy diets to the latest consumer research, Mr. Lempert has served as NBC’s Today Show Food Trends Editor for 17 years, and has been featured on The View, Oprah, the New York Times, USA Today.  His work has earned him over 2 million followers on Facebook, and hundreds of thousands of subscribers to his daily videos.

Drawing on decades of experience in the food industry, Mr. Lempert analyzed the unprecedented success, and even more importantly, the tremendous potential of the Fair Food Program.  Indeed, his must-see short video (above) points to a very bright future for the Program, as its label spreads to more and more supermarket shelves, and its unparalleled human rights protections spread to more and more fields across the country.  Make sure to check out the video today, and share it widely!