MUST-SEE NEW VIDEO: Time’s Up leader Alyssa Milano narrates powerful new Fair Food Program video!

“The truth is, much of the food you buy is harvested under conditions that would shock you… But there is hope on the horizon for America’s farmworkers…”

Help us share this hard-hitting new video far and wide!

This year, the CIW is celebrating Labor Day like never before – with a dramatic new video, and a high profile social media campaign designed to launch it nationwide! 

The video – equal parts animated and live action, and narrated by actor and activist Alyssa Milano – is taking the world of social media by storm.  It tells the story of the harsh human rights abuses that continue to plague the vast majority of fields in this country today, from life-threatening working conditions to sexual assault.  But it doesn’t stop there.  It also tells the story of the groundbreaking protections of the Fair Food Program that are, day by day, putting an end to those abuses through worker education, wall-to-wall monitoring, and real human rights enforcement backed by the market power of more than a dozen participating brands. 

We need your support to get the word out about the Fair Food Program using this amazing new promotional tool!  Here’s what you can do:

(1) Are you on social media?  Share the video with your followers and friends!  Here’s some sample language for social media:

  • What is the story behind your food? Find out how you can make ALL food fair food with the @FairFoodProgram!  
  • Farmworkers often face violent and unsafe working conditions. Find out the shocking story behind YOUR food: 
  • .@Alyssa_Milano partnered with farmworkers to make this video because she chooses not just good food – but fair food.  So can you. Learn more about the @FairFoodProgram: 
  • DID YOU KNOW: Farmworker women often face sexual violence in the fields? Stand with the women and men who put food on your plate and support the @FairFoodProgram: 

(2)  Are you part of an organization, congregation, or university?  Ask your communities to share the video through their listservs and social media accounts, too!

Thanks, in advance, for helping to get the word out about the story of Fair Food!