Blockbuster new cookbook by Chef José Andrés highlights CIW and Fair Food Program!…

New York Times bestseller: “Fair Food Program… takes direct aim at the food system’s gravest injustices and holds major retailers accountable for the food they sell.”

Chef José Andrés – the irrepressible, James Beard Award-winning, Spanish chef who, among many other things in his non-stop mission to feed and change the world, traveled to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria and provided meals for hundreds of thousands of people whose lives were upended by that devastating storm – has done it again.  He has published his third New York Times bestselling cookbook, titled “Vegetables Unleashed,” and this time it features a beautiful two-page spread on the CIW and the Fair Food Program!

Here’s an excerpt of the passage on the CIW (you’ll have to buy the book to read the section in its entirety!):

… If you’ve heard of the CIW before, it’s probably thanks to Taco Bell.  In the early 2000s the Coalition began a campaign to pressure the fast-food titan into improving the pay and working conditions of its tomato pickers.  The result was a David-versus-Goliath victory that helped thousands of underpaid workers.  But CIW’s work goes well beyond the tomatoes in your tacos.  At the heart of its mission is the Fair Food Program (FFP), a partnership among farmers, farmworkers, and corporations that takes direct aim at the food system’s gravest injustices and holds major retailers accountable for the food they sell.

The results have been astounding.  Major players from Walmart to McDonald’s have joined the FFP, agreeing to increase workers’ wages and establish a code of conduct that protects their human rights.  These aren’t small changes – these are the biggest food companies in the world committing to improving the lives of tens of thousands of America’s most vulnerable people.  That’s why the Washington Post called the FFP “one of the great human rights success stories of our day.”…

You can find the book for purchase from Harper Collins here.

But José Andrés’ dedication to farm labor justice doesn’t end there.  Earlier this month, he joined forces with his fellow celebrity chef and social activist Andrew Zimmern for an event titled “Farm to Capitol,” a “salon celebrating the farmers and workers behind America’s food” held in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, and they invited the CIW’s Greg Asbed and Laura Germino to join in the conversation (from left to right below: Andrew Zimmern, José Andrés, Greg Asbed and Laura Germino).  

The evening featured speeches by the hosts and a wide-ranging conversation about food sourcing and the invaluable contribution immigrant workers make to the American food system.  The event was filmed and will be featured later this year on an MSNBC special.  Make sure to look for the special coming this November!

Finally, the CIW thanks José Andrés for his support and for his selfless commitment to using his ever-growing platform to lift up the workers who put the food on America’s tables.  We look forward to hosting Chef Andrés on a visit to Immokalee in the near future!