This holiday season, give the gift of human rights!

Honor those you love most with a donation to the Fair Food movement this holiday season!

Does someone you love, love human rights?  If you’re still looking for that perfect holiday gift for someone in your life who believes in the dignity and value of all human beings, you can honor your loved one’s values and make a tangible impact in farmworkers’ lives today by donating to the Fair Food movement!

This holiday season, give the gift of human rights to a friend or family member by making a donation in their honor.

Supporting the Fair Food Program is one of the most direct and effective steps you can take to protect and expand farmworkers’ fundamental human rights.  The Fair Food Program – built by and for farmworkers – has been called one of the 15 “most important social-impact stories” of the past century in the Harvard Business Review.  The MacArthur Foundation called the Fair Food Program a “visionary strategy… with potential to transform workplace environments across the global supply chain”, and President Obama presented the Fair Food Program a Presidential Medal “for its extraordinary efforts in combatting modern-day slavery”.  

And this holiday season, you – and your friends and family – can do your part to help realize the unprecedented potential of the Fair Food movement, and to help make all food Fair Food.

When you donate to the Fair Food Program, your money gets right to work in making human rights a reality for farmworkers along the East Coast, and building farmworkers’ capacity to grow the Program.  If you and 99 other people gave a gift in honor of their loved one this holiday season, this is the immediate impact you could have:

And, when you make a donation in honor of a family member, colleague, or friend, we will send them a personalized acknowledgment email with a holiday card.  Click here to give today!

Over the past quarter century, we have made remarkable progress together — but we can’t stop now.  We are on the doorstep of the third decade of the 21st Century.  Yet, hundreds of thousands of farmworkers across the country still face grinding poverty and routine human rights abuses at work, all in order to put food on the table for their families — and for ours.  Today, our challenge is to build on the progress that has been made, come what may in 2020, and expand the Fair Food Program’s unparalleled protections – predicated on respect and dignity for farmworkers’ fundamental human rights – to new fields, new crops, and new workers across the United States.

Give the gift of human rights by supporting the Fair Food Program today!