“I would like to thank FFSC for defending our rights in the field…”

Dear friends,

All workers deserve a voice, and real power to protect their interests, in the workplace.  But the importance of worker voice is heightened during a pandemic, especially for essential workers like farmworkers, who have no choice but to continue working while the rest of us shelter safely at home.  The risks farmworkers have taken – here in Immokalee and around the country – to keep food on our tables over the past several months are a sacrifice that we as a country demand of them in these difficult times.  

The least they deserve in return is the right to protect their health and safety at work.  

To enforce that fundamental right, the Fair Food Standards Council has accompanied the tens of thousands of farmworkers covered by the Fair Food Program every single day since the pandemic first broke in March.  Even as social distancing and economic lockdowns have required many government offices to close for the duration, the Fair Food Standards Council’s trilingual 24-hour hotline has continued to investigate and resolve workers complaints without pause, holding farm employers accountable for workers’ human rights in this unprecedented time.

Your monthly donations as a Fair Food Sustainer can help fuel the tireless work of Human Rights Auditors with the Fair Food Standards Council.  By donating today, you can join over 450 Fair Food Sustainers in protecting farmworkers’ fundamental human rights.

Now that summer is upon us, farmworkers have begun to migrate north to harvest the nation’s summer crops.  To ensure that the FFP’s protections extend without interruption to participating farms up north, the Fair Food Standards Council is creating brand-new remote protocols for comprehensive auditing during the era of COVID-19.  

FFSC monitors are setting up new means of communication with workers along the East Coast, expanding the Program’s extensive database, and investing in equipment such as Wi-Fi hotspots for workers to ensure that the Program’s 24-hour complaint resolution process is accessible whenever and wherever workers are most in need.  

We need your help to keep the Fair Food Program’s unparalleled complaint resolution process as strong and effective as ever during the COVID-19 crisis.  Will you sign up to become a Sustainer today?

In the words of Faustino, a farmworker whose complaint to the FFSC about dangerous health and safety conditions ultimately led to farm-wide policy changes:

“I would like to thank FFSC for defending our rights in the field. I do not know how we would do what we do without your support. Thank you for your advice and recommendations, for being present. We know that with you, we have the tools we need.”

This summer, make sure farmworkers in the Fair Food Program have the tools they need to combat COVID-19 and defend their fundamental human rights.

Sign up to become a Fair Food Sustainer today!