We already hit our end-of-year fundraising goal… Now let’s double it!

The next $5,000 raised will be matched dollar for dollar, so your donation will be doubled!

Fair Food Nation: We’re only two weeks into our end-of-year drive, and you have already gone above and beyond.

On Giving Tuesday, we called on you to help us raise $30,000 by the end of the year to help expand the urgently-needed protections of the Fair Food Program to more essential workers in 2021.  And we are thrilled to announce that we have already hit that goal, with over $44,000 raised to date.  Now, we need to keep the momentum rolling – so today, we are asking for your help to double our goal, and work to raise another $30,000 in the final weeks of 2020.

And that’s not the only bit of good news.  Inspired by the progress of the campaign so far, Travis McConnell, a longtime ally of the CIW, stepped up to add new fuel to the campaign:  A matching donation of $5,000 for the next wave of donations!

If you donate now, your support will be doubled!  Click here to contribute.

After a long and challenging year, the support that has poured in over the last few weeks from across the nation has been a ray of hope for the Immokalee community, even as the harvest season moves into full swing and COVID-19 cases continue to rise.  The incredible mobilization of support over the past two weeks has not been magic – or at least, not solely magic – but rather thanks to the tireless work of farmworker community members like Gloria Carrera, an intrepid team of phone bankers, artists, data analysts, writers, and 50 spectacular Fair Food fundraisers from across the country. 

And, of course, thanks to you:  Over 600 donors have contributed, making this the single most successful grassroots fundraising campaign in Fair Food history.  And we are just getting started!

Please share the Fair Food Program’s call for support TODAY – and remember, the next $5,000 raised will be matched! Click here to make a contribution.