WEEK OF ACTION, DAY 1: Email DoorDash’s CEO!

Students and community members in San Francisco rally last month in front of DoorDash’s headquarters calling on DoorDash to stop doing business with Wendy’s until the company joins the Fair Food Program.

1-minute Virtual Action #1: Send an email NOW to DoorDash’s CEO Tony Xu urging him to meet with farmworker leaders of the CIW to learn more about the award-winning Fair Food Program and why consumers who care about ethical food are boycotting Wendy’s!

It’s official: The Boycott Wendy’s Week of Action is here!  Over the next five days, you will be receiving a series of 1-minute virtual actions directly to your inbox to support various branches of the national boycott of Wendy’s.  (Make sure you’re signed up to our email list here to receive instructions on how to participate!)  

And to kick things off, we’re asking the Fair Food Nation to support the ever-growing Deliver With Dignity Campaign, urging DoorDash — one of the nation’s top food delivery service companies — to take a bold stance on the issue of farmworkers’ human rights by dropping Wendy’s from their restaurant partner list until the fast-food company joins the award-winning Fair Food Program!  As a global leader in the 21st century food industry, DoorDash is responsible — or at least should be responsible — for providing ethically produced food to its growing customer base, specifically for promoting the health and well-being of the low-wage workers who pick, pack and ship the food it delivers, as well as ensuring that its restaurant partners require enforceable human rights protections in their supply chains whenever possible. 

Last month, students, artists and and community members from across the San Francisco Area, where the DoorDash company headquarters are located, took to the streets for a lively march demanding DoorDash stand with farmworkers by joining the Wendy’s Boycott.  TODAY, you can amplify their message by sending an email directly to DoorDash’s CEO Tony Xu!