WEEK OF ACTION, DAY 3: Send a tweet to Ohio State’s President demanding OSU listen to its students and boot Wendy’s from campus!

Students at the Ohio State University protest outside the Wendy’s at the Wexner Medical Center calling for the removal of the fast-food chain from campus as part of a coordinated national Week of Action in April 2021.

1-minute Virtual Action #3: Send a tweet to Ohio State’s President Kristina Johnson demanding her administration listen to students’ demands for human rights in the OSU community and cut the contract with Wendy’s once and for all! 

We’re halfway through the Week of Action, and with over 300 emails sent to DoorDash’s CEO and dozens of calls made to New York City Council members, the Fair Food Nation is on a roll!  Today’s virtual action takes us to the heart of Wendy’s territory in Columbus, Ohio, where students at the Ohio State University have been fighting tooth and nail to rid their university of Wendy’s for over seven years, despite being repeatedly shut out and betrayed by the OSU administration. 

While at this point, several generations of students have taken up the Boot the Braids Campaign at OSU, courage and unrelenting commitment have remained a constant for student organizers.  From a weeklong fast to a unanimous Student Government resolution demanding OSU cut ties with Wendy’s until the fast-food chain joins the award-winning Fair Food Program, students are determined to finish the fight.  

Today YOU can amplify the Boot the Braids Campaign at OSU by sending a tweet to President Kristina Johnson or tagging her on a post on Instagram!  Below are two ways to take action on social media:


Post on Instagram and tag OSU President Kristina Johnson

If you don’t have Twitter and would like to post a graphic and caption on Instagram to support the OSU Boot the Braids Campaign, you can download the image below and use the sample caption (or write your own!): 

@PresKMJohnson, doing business with @Wendys when farmworkers in its supply chain are vulnerable to wage theft, sexual assault and slavery is unacceptable. It’s time for Ohio State University to listen to students’ demands for human rights and #BootTheBraids NOW!