Another world is possible…

Because the CIW was launched in Immokalee nearly 30 years ago, we’ve seen the Fair Food family grow as new generations join us and bring their own children into the movement. 

Young people who first learned about farmworker exploitation through the Student/Farmworker Alliance on their college campus two decades ago are now parents themselves, pushing art-adorned strollers in multi-mile marches. Faith allies who have devoted their energy to calling attention to harm and injustice are shepherding new generations of activists to Immokalee year after year. CIW members and staff are seeing our babies grow up in rally pictures, taking stock of the progress they’ve been able to witness – and help to build – in their short lifetimes. 

Thanks to the Fair Food Program, we’ve been able to show our kids that another world is possible. It’s one they can fight for, and even one that they can win. Can you share a gift today in honor of the next generation of Fair Food activism?

As the year comes to a close and we gather with friends and family once again to celebrate the holidays, we are taking time to look back on this exhausting year. And one lesson stands out among all the others: If, as we have said since the earliest days of the CIW, Consciousness + Commitment = Change, then resilience is the secret ingredient in that time-tested recipe.  

We may not know what new challenges — and victories — the next ten years of the Fair Food Program holds for us, but we are certain that, as a family, we can take on whatever happens next.

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