In it for the long haul

It’s no secret that rooting out systemic abuse and safeguarding human rights in agriculture will take enormous effort. 

From makeshift tents outside of fast food chain headquarters to the hallowed halls of the White House, we’ve shared not only our struggles but also our vision for the future. The farmworkers at the frontlines of the fight for Fair Food have invested days, months, and years of their lives fighting for recognition of their humanity, and have never lost sight of that end goal. 

Fortunately, farmworkers are not alone. Through fasting and teach-ins, through art and articles, through sermons and petitions, our allies have deployed their passion and commitment in the service of solidarity. And together, we saw the moral arc of the universe bend before our very eyes as the Fair Food Program was finally born and retailers and growers began to sign on.

We have achieved more together in the past ten years than anyone could have predicted, but we know that this momentum cannot be taken for granted. We need to reach more workers with the lifesaving tools and protections of the Fair Food Program, now more than ever. Today, we’re excited to announce that one of our long-term supporters has offered to match the first $2,000 in donations we receive this week, immediately doubling the impact of your contribution!

To construct a campaign that can withstand any challenge — whether from natural disasters, intransigent corporations, shifting political winds, or even a global pandemic —  requires an unwavering vision and a long-term commitment. We’re fortunate that you, and thousands of incredible allies like you, have decided to walk alongside us for however long it takes to ensure that all food is Fair Food.  

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