Final Day: A Closing Message from the Fields…

We’re wrapping up our annual Sustainer Drive today with a closing video message from longtime CIW leader Nely Rodriguez, who just returned from an FFP education session in Georgia:

“This year, the Fair Food Program’s presence in Georgia is more important than ever.  Late last year, just a few towns northeast of Fair Food farms, years of constant violence, sexual assault, and deadly working conditions gave rise to what one U.S. Attorney called “one of the country’s largest-ever human trafficking and visa fraud investigations.”  And just weeks ago, the very same state bore witness to the light of hope, dignity, and the power of prevention during Fair Food Program education. 

As an ally and supporter, you help make the CIW education team’s work possible. And, one day, slavery in agriculture will finally be obsolete. There’s so much work to do in order to expand this important work to the millions of farmworkers still enduring human rights violations while picking our food. 

For me, this is the most important thing:  farmworkers now feel they have a voice. They feel like human beings again. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how long you’ve been here, where you come from, what language you speak: this is a real tangible benefit we have won. Fair Food education sessions make farmworkers’ rights REAL, and Fair Food Sustainers make them POSSIBLE. Thank you for supporting our work!”

On this final day of our annual Sustainer Drive, we hope you will consider joining the generations of farmworkers from Immokalee whose untiring commitment to justice made the Fair Food Program possible, and who continue to work every day to expand — with your support — the groundbreaking human rights Program. Click the link below to get started! 

It’s the final day of our Sustainer Campaign. Be a part of building the future of Fair Food by signing up here!