Some very sweet (potato) news for Fall!

Fair Food Partner Sara Polon, aka Soupergirl, the first-ever Consumer-Packaged Goods partner to receive Fair Food certification. Just this month, Soupergirl announced a new partnership with the NC-based Watkins Farms, who will provide sweet potatoes for a brand-new Fair Food soup.

FFP Partner Soupergirl will collaborate with Watkins Farm to deliver a delicious seasonal treat:  FFP-certified Gingered Sweet Potato Soup! 

Well, that was fast!

Just weeks ago, brand new Fair Food Program partner Soupergirl launched two special tomato gazpachos – the first “CPG” (Consumer Packaged Goods) foods to bear the FFP label. And today, we’ve already got an update to share from the CPG world: Soupergirl’s Fair Food lineup is growing! 

Late last week, Soupergirl CEO Sara Polon (or should we say, Fair Food Souperstar Sara Polon?… apologies to our readers with pun allergies) confirmed that the company is expanding its commitment to the Program, and will begin sourcing all of the sweet potatoes for its famous Gingered Sweet Potato soup from FFP Participating Grower Watkins Farm in North Carolina. The partnership will start in November when the new sweet potato crop comes in.

Farmworkers on Watkins Farm in Oxford, NC, prepping the ground for the sweet potato crop.

In her own words, here’s what Polon had to say about the news:

“Soupergirl is extraordinarily excited to be expanding our partnership with the Fair Food Program. As the Fair Food Program expands its reach and ventures into new regions and crops, we will follow! We are excited to work with an ever-growing network of farms, retailers, and other partners to revolutionize the agricultural industry.”

In announcing this exciting news, we also want to recognize the importance of our partnership with North Carolina-based distributor Happy Dirt, which has proved essential to connecting the family-run Watkins Farm to Soupergirl – the first, we hope, of many such new connections!

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