Category: The birth of Worker-driven Social Responsibility: January – December 2016

Summer campers join Wendy’s Boycott, gather 100+ signatures to send to fast food hold-out!

[caption id="attachment_24557" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The CIW Team at Camp Kinderland's Peace Olympics carries their mural in advance of the camp's summer games.[/caption]Camp Kinderland -- "Summer camp with a conscience"! -- takes on Wendy's with letter, petition to CEO Todd Penegor...Yesterday afternoon, we were surprised and thrilled to open a very special note at the CIW Community Center here in Immokalee.  The letter inside >> Read More

Strategize, organize… TAKE ACTION! Wendy’s Boycott Summit to set the stage for a huge 2016-17 season ahead…

Fair Food Nation in full-swing as preparations for September's exciting Wendy's Boycott Summit ramp up...After a summer marked by a steady drumbeat of high level endorsements, momentum in the Wendy's Boycott is growing, and the Fair Food Nation is stirring into action!  Hot on the heels of the launch of's Wendy's Boycott Petition earlier this week, next month's Wendy's Boycott Summit is rapidly approaching.The participant list is growing daily, >> Read More

BREAKING ACTION: launches Wendy’s Boycott petition!

"Today, we need you to tell Wendy’s that if they want your business, they must join the Fair Food Program..."Today, -- one of the giants of online social justice with over 100 million petition starters and supporters in more than 196 countries -- has turned its formidable spotlight on Wendy's!Nearly six months since the launch of the Wendy's Boycott in March >> Read More

National religious leader, Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster, slams major Wendy’s ad in New York Times…

Wendy's ad "deeply troubling, as it highlights a meticulous process for developing a new product in which the human beings who actually pick and serve the product are a mere garnish..."Over the weekend, visitors to the New York Times website were greeted with a sleek, high-value Wendy's advertisement in the form of a "paid post," an extended format report on the development of >> Read More

“Dear Wendy’s: I’m Boycotting You, but I’m Not the One You Should Be Worried About…”

Wendy's gets stern talking to from online news hub Talk Poverty...Just this morning, Wendy's got an earful on the Talk Poverty blog, a hub for news and data on the fight to end poverty and promote a just society run by the Center for American Progress.  And the hamburger giant wasn't called out by just anyone.  Reporter Greg Kaufmann, formerly of >> Read More

National Farm Worker Ministry endorses Wendy’s Boycott!

“Our board unanimously endorsed this boycott as a means of using their economic power to support the farm workers who are struggling for justice...”Late last week, the National Farm Worker Ministry -- a 45-year-old cornerstone of the religious labor movement in support of dignity and justice for farmworkers -- endorsed the Wendy's Boycott!  Building on nearly 20 years of work in alliance with the Fair Food >> Read More

CIW Education team wraps up second summer of Fair Food Program education beyond Florida…

Nearly 1,000 tomato harvesters trained as frontline monitors of their own rights under the Fair Food Program in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey... Following June's worker-to-worker education trip to Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, the CIW education team continued its trek north and wrapped up 2016's northern education season this month with a tour of tomato farms in Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey, where they >> Read More

Part Two: What is a corporation to do if it is looking to partner with a real social responsibility program?

[caption id="attachment_24416" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A sign inside Wendy's corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.  While Wendy's continues to cling to catchy slogans and a hollow code of conduct, an ever growing number of its customers are demanding that those words be made a reality in its tomato supply chain.[/caption]We concluded the first installment of this two-part series, entitled "The Enforcement Imperative at the Heart >> Read More

The enforcement imperative at the heart of Worker-driven Social Responsibility…

[caption id="attachment_23953" align="aligncenter" width="600"] A Fair Food Standards Council auditor interviews a worker at Participating Grower's farm earlier this year.[/caption]Worker-driven Social Responsibility (WSR) -- the emerging paradigm for the protection of fundamental human rights in corporate supply chains born of the uniquely successful experience of the Fair Food Program -- is founded on two distinct and equally important philosophical pillars: worker participation >> Read More

ANNOUNCED: Wendy’s Boycott Summit, Sept. 22-25 in Immokalee!

Immokalee to host summit with allies across Fair Food network.  Join us!Save the date: This September 22 - 25, the Alliance for Fair Food, in conjunction with the CIW, is hosting a Wendy's Boycott Summit here in Immokalee, at the very heart of the Fair Food Nation.  And you are invited!The year ahead in the Campaign for Fair Food will be a pivotal >> Read More