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Throughout the march, we will have days in which we call on supporters across the country to join their voices with marchers and spread the word across the online world!

Social Media Schedule



Sunday, March 3

Tweet the launch
of the March
@Publix: #FairFoodMarch & the new day is 200 miles from your doorstep. Will you join us? #FreedomCannotRest

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Sunday, March 10

Tweet the
Sarasota weekend

@Publix: the #FairFoodMarch is 80 miles in! Be a part of the new day for FL agriculture! #FreedomCannotRest

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Sunday, March 17

Tweet the final
weekend of the March

@Publix: #Farmworkers & allies marched 200 miles on the #FairFoodMarch! The new day is here. #FreedomCannotRest

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