Day Twelve: Prominent evangelical theologian Brian McLaren pens powerful message to leaders of Publix as marchers head into final stretch!
Prominent Christian pastor, author, and activist, Brian McLaren, has penned an op/ed for the Huffington Post that challenges the leaders of Publix to take a fresh look at the Fair Food Program through the prism of faith. Here's an excerpt:

"... Many of us in the faith community are realizing that it is inappropriate to bow our heads to thank God for our food without also lifting our heads to hear from our neighbors whose labor brought that food to our table. Our prayers inspire us not only to be grateful, but to be just.

So every time we "say grace" and thank God for our food, let us also listen to the voices of some of our nation's hardest-working people -- people to whom we are connected by what we eat. We will hear in their voices a moral summons to all of us -- to corporate executives at Publix, and to buyers like you and me. 'We are poor,' they say, 'but we, too, are human beings'."

Day Twelve saw the marchers cover 14.5 more miles on their path to Publix headquarters in Lakeland, and the flow of new marchers into their ranks continue to rise as allies arrive for the final weekend of the March for Rights, Respect and Fair Food.

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