Video Reports: The three-minute Day One launch video is up and it's beautiful:

The video above begins with words from the CIW's Gerardo Reyes to the congregration at Ft. Myers' Jesus Obrero church. Here below is how he concluded those remarks:

"We are going to march 200 miles, from this point to the city of Lakeland, where Publix's corporate headquarters is located. And we invite all of you to join us on this march, if possible, but if not, we ask for your prayers of support, in support of the workers in Immokalee. And for those who can, we invite to you join us in Lakeland on the weekend of the 16th and 17th. There we will have arrived after marching 200 miles to remind the wealthy owners of the Publix corporation that, though we are indeed poor, we too are human beings and we deserve respect and dignity. Thank you."

You can see the rest of Gerardo's remarks in their entirety here.

Plus... Check out the one-minute "Video Snapshots" from Day Two:


Day Two saw the marchers make their way north, pick up some unforeseen friends along the way in North Ft. Myers, grab a peek from an unusual vantage point high atop a forrestry tower, and end the day with some great food and friends in Punta Gorda.

Check back tomorrow for a Photo Report from Days Two and Three, and in the meantime, take a second to check out all the latest press coverage of the March for Rights, Respect, and Fair Food!