“Do the Right Thing Tour” announced!

“Do the Right Thing Tour” announced!

Month of Protests leading up to big action underway…

Fair Food activists picket a Washington, DC, area Giant supermarket during last November’s Supermarket Week of Action. Giant is one of Ahold’s two major US brands. Ahold also owns Stop & Shop.

According to company lore, Publix founder George Jenkins was fond of telling his colleagues in Publix management, “Don’t let making a profit get in the way of doing the right thing.”

Clearly, the people who run Publix today — including Jenkins’ own grandson, Publix CEO Ed Crenshaw — are failing to heed their founders’ admirable advice. Failing miserably.

First Publix turned a blind eye to human rights violations in its supply chain, saying — with stupefying disregard — that “atrocities” in the fields are “not our business.” And now that there is an historic agreement between the CIW and the Florida tomato industry, Publix still refuses to pay the penny-per-pound to do its part in lifting farmworkers out of abject poverty. It is clear that the people who run Publix today have taken George Jenkins’ wise counsel and stood it squarely on its head.

And they are not alone. Ahold, too, has chosen to put profits before the people who make its profits possible.

And so, we are announcing the “Do the Right Thing Tour”!

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