Brent Probinsky, attorney for Nicolas Morales's brother: "It's one of the most horrible things I've ever seen in 30 years of being a lawyer. It's absolutely brutal and I would even say sadistic."  

Last Sunday's vigil in Immokalee in honor of Nicolas Morales was covered by a broad swath of Southwest Florida's leading media outlets, and even attracted the attention of the national Pacifica radio network, with in-depth coverage from Pacifica's flagship station out of New York City, WBAI. 




“…At the vigil Sunday, Morales Besanilla’s family members described him as a diligent farmworker, a provider and a peaceful man.

Jesus Andrade said Morales Besanilla, his stepfather, took great care of his mom, Olga Olvera Andrade, before she died in 2015. Andrade said his mom had diabetes and used a wheelchair, and his stepfather would cook and clean for them.

“After my mom’s death, he was never the same,” Andrade said.

Andrade said one of the things that hurts him the most about his stepfather’s death is the fact that Morales Besanilla’s son, Nicolas Morales Jr., 12, will grow up without his parents.







“…People of all ages stood at the intersection of Main and 1st St., shouting chants as live music played. Community members held signs saying, “Justice for Nicholas,” and, “No more police violence.”

Karen Dwyer has been a resident of Collier County for more than 50 years. She said she has always been concerned about the farmworker community and the need for justice.“We need to all remember, in Naples, that Immokalee is a part of Collier County,” Dwyer said. “And we have an obligation and duty to help our farmworker community.”







WBAI’s Paul DeRienzo covered the vigil and spoke with the family’s attorney Brent Probinksy

The radio story includes quotes from allies at the vigil, and then goes into audio from the dashcam video including the fatal moments of Nicolas’s death at the hands of the deputy. 

Probinsky walked DeRienzo through the analysis of the events that fateful night, and laid out the legal options ahead. “It’s one of the most horrible things I’ve ever seen in 30 years of being a lawyer. It’s absolutely brutal and I would even say sadistic.”  






Nicolas Morales Jr., 13: “There is not one day I don’t think about him… The police cannot get away with what they have done.”

March 2, 2021

Over 100 farmworkers, religious leaders, students and Southwest Florida allies come together at vigil to call for justice for Nicolas Morales, killed last September by Collier County Sheriff’s deputies; Family, community leaders demand accountability, real transparency, and effective mental health intervention to prevent future police violence in Immokalee;  Nicolas Morales, Jr., 13, pens a heartbreaking letter to Collier County Sheriff’s Office: “Ever since that day I’ve been sad, lonely, angry and grieving the loss of my dad. There is not one day I don’t think about him and wish things could have been done differently to still have my dad […]

4PM THIS SUNDAY: Call for justice, community vigil for Nicolas Morales to be held in Immokalee!

February 25, 2021

Brent Probinsky, lawyer for brother of Nicolas Morales: “What we saw… by the Collier County Sheriff’s Office is poor training, a lack of concern for human life, incompetence, brutality, and indifference.” CIW’s Gerardo Reyes Chavez:“Let us take these steps today and into the future and build together the Immokalee community and the Collier County Sheriff’s Office into a more modern, more humane model of policing.” Lee County NAACP Second Vice President James Buchanon: “That’s why we are here: to make sure everybody feels comfortable in Southwest Florida knowing that somebody here that is going to fight for their civil rights.” This […]

WE CALL FOR: Justice for Nicolas; Transparency, accountability, and community partnership in Immokalee…

February 21, 2021

Golpear a uno es golpear a todos; An injury to one is an injury to all… Imagine, just for a moment, a different world from this one — a world defined not by fear, distrust, and tribalism, but by respect, accountability, and a culture of shared humanity.  In this imagined world, all is not perfect, because humans are imperfect, but how we respond when bad things happen is different, because, with time and reasoned judgment, humanity prevails.  In this imagined world, Corporal Pierre Jean responds to the call of a disturbance in Farmworker Village, gets out of his patrol car seemingly […]

As he lay dying…

February 16, 2021

Terrifying brutality of Nicolas Morales’s death at the hands of the police — deemed “legally justifiable” by the State Attorney — cannot be allowed to stand… Justice for Nicolas, deep and lasting reform for the community, must be done. Nicolas Morales Besanilla is dead, killed by Corporal Pierre Jean of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.  That’s the who and the what of it.  He was killed on a quiet street in Farmworker Village just outside of Immokalee, in the early morning of September 17, 2020.  That’s the where and the when. Those are all the settled facts, simple, straightforward.  Only the […]

UPDATE: Step-by-step analysis of Nicolas Morales dash cam video addresses inaccuracies in initial press reports…

February 14, 2021

WARNING: The raw dash cam footage from police patrol cars in the video above contains moments that are graphic and truly devastating to watch.  While it is crucial to know exactly what happened that night to understand the deep injustice of Nicolas’s violent death at the hands of the police, and to know what must be done to combat that injustice now and in the future, please be advised that the events captured in the video are deeply painful, and heart-wrenching, to witness. Yesterday afternoon, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) issued a press release announcing the State Attorney’s decision not […]

BREAKING: Dashboard camera footage confirms violent killing of Nicolas Morales by Collier County Cpl. Jean Pierre preventable

February 12, 2021

Today, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office released two shocking, sickening dashboard camera videos that confirmed our worst fears about the violent killing of Nicolas Morales by the Collier County Sheriff deputy Cpl. Pierre Jean last September.   The videos confirm that Nicolas’s death was preventable at multiple points.  The officers failed to use any reasonable efforts to de-escalate the situation or any of the multiple non-lethal means at their disposal to detain Nicolas, including the appropriate use of a K-9.  If anything, their actions only escalated the situation. One of the videos captures Cpl. Pierre’s fatal failure of judgment in a crucial […]

Amidst ravages of COVID-19, Wendy’s continues to refuse essential supply chain workers lifesaving protections…

February 12, 2021

And shareholders are looking for answers… Venceremos founder Magaly Licolli: “Tyson must adopt worker-driven solutions—with a complaint process that is legally enforceable—to guarantee workers’ rights and dignity…” As COVID-19 has laid bare, the millions of men and women that grow, harvest, and pack our food are essential to sustaining the nation.  Yet, they have, for generations, been subjected to sub-standard housing and deplorable working conditions.  As the CIW warned early in the pandemic, and the facts now painfully show, these conditions have meant that these workers have suffered tremendously, and disproportionately, from the pandemic.  At least 86,908 meatpacking workers, food processing […]

Publix: Radicals in the heartland?…

February 8, 2021

Recent revelations in Wall Street Journal cast new light on dangerous, anti-democratic ideology behind friendly facade of “Florida’s hometown grocer”… Real reasons for Publix’s stubborn refusal to join award-winning human rights program may only now be coming into focus… Before we get to the disturbing news about Publix from the Wall Street Journal this week, it is worth remembering, one more time, what actually happened on January 6th in our nation’s capital.  The details of that day — which, painful as they are, we will all re-live again this week through the impeachment trial — are important to fully understanding […]

Oxfam Great Britain: Fair Food Program a “Signpost for Good Practice”

February 4, 2021

“The Coalition of Immokalee Workers’ Fair Food Program was the most widely cited example when Oxfam asked 23 experts about effective ways for workers to represent themselves.” Meanwhile, Wendy’s seeks a new Director of Corporate Social Responsibility to rearrange the deck chairs… The Fair Food Program continues to set the bar for corporate social responsibility. The latest recognition comes straight from a full-page spread in a new report from Oxfam Great Britain.  The report itself was an unusual commission by UK-based food and footwear giant Marks & Spencer, meant to help give the company objective insights into its own supply chain […]

Breaking: Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-Op is the Next Fair Food Sponsor!

February 1, 2021

    We’re thrilled to announce that our next Fair Food Sponsor is the Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-Op! See our official joint announcement below:  Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-Op to become Maryland’s first Fair Food Sponsor, marking landmark commitment to farmworkers’ human rights The beloved neighborhood institution will support CIW’s Presidential Medal-winning Fair Food Program, which combats forced labor, sexual violence, and other human rights violations in U.S. agriculture   TAKOMA PARK, MD – On February 1, the Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-Op (TPSS) and the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) will launch a partnership to support the award-winning […]