You can support the human rights of the farmworkers who harvested your Thanksgiving meal. Make a one-time donation for Giving Tuesday here

Every year, we mark the holiday season by celebrating “Giving Tuesday,” a day to put our gratitude to work by supporting the causes and communities we most care about.

The food at our tables this season comes with a story. For many farmworkers around the country, that story is fraught with perilous working conditions  - forced labor, sexual assault, wage theft, and exposure to dangerous health and safety risks are disturbingly common in the industry. 

But for farmworkers covered by the enforceable protections of the Fair Food Program, the story has changed. 

The success of the Fair Food Program has proven that a worker-driven partnership model, backed by market enforcement, has the power to transform the agricultural industry: from “ground zero for modern-day slavery” to “the best working environment in American agriculture,” as one labor expert said in the New York Times.

We need to reach more farmworkers with the critical protections of the Fair Food Program. Can you help us expand by donating any amount this Giving Tuesday?  

As we enter the holiday season full of gratitude and perhaps newfound perspective on what matters most, we invite you to extend these thanks to the men and women who harvest the food for our tables.  

Help us build a future where all food is Fair Food.  

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BREAKING: U.S. DOJ busts sprawling modern-day slavery operation in fields of South Georgia

November 23, 2021

U.S. Department of Justice indicts the “Patricio Transnational Criminal Organization (TCO)” on felony charges of “international forced labor trafficking,” money laundering; 54-count indictment paints picture of operation’s staggering scale: 24 arrests, 71,000 farmworkers over multiple years, more than $200 million in profits; Quotes from indictment: Patricio TCO “unlawfully charged Victims 52 and 53 fees that they could not afford, confiscated their identification documents to prevent them from leaving, forced them to work in fields digging up onions with their bare hands, only paid them twenty cents for every bucket they filled with onions, and threatened them with a gun to […]

WEEK OF ACTION, DAY 5: Join the #DaveWouldNever social media campaign!

November 19, 2021

1-minute Virtual Action #5: Post to social media using #DaveWouldNever to let Wendy’s know that the company’s late founder and renowned philanthropist Dave Thomas would be appalled at Wendy’s disdain for farmworkers’ human rights!  It’s been quite the week!  Between sending emails, making phone calls, posting tweets and signing petitions, supporters of the Wendy’s Boycott have made their voices heard loud and clear.  As we get ready for even more action this weekend, with several in-person protests planned to culminate the Week of Action, we have one more virtual action to share with you!  Today’s action is focused on drawing […]

WEEK OF ACTION, DAY 4: Sign the #DeliverWithDignity petition!

November 18, 2021

During the Week of Action kick-off on Monday, Fair Food allies sent over 300 emails to DoorDash’s CEO Tony Xu urging the tech billionaire to meet with farmworker leaders of the CIW to learn how the Fair Food Program is transforming the lives of tens of thousands of farmworkers for the better, why consumers are boycotting Wendy’s, and what DoorDash could do to deliver with dignity. Now that you’ve taken the first step to reach out to Mr. Xu directly, sign the Student/Farmworker Alliance’s petition to help us reach 5,000 signatures by the end of the month!   

WEEK OF ACTION, DAY 3: Send a tweet to Ohio State’s President demanding OSU listen to its students and boot Wendy’s from campus!

November 17, 2021

1-minute Virtual Action #3: Send a tweet to Ohio State’s President Kristina Johnson demanding her administration listen to students’ demands for human rights in the OSU community and cut the contract with Wendy’s once and for all!  We’re halfway through the Week of Action, and with over 300 emails sent to DoorDash’s CEO and dozens of calls made to New York City Council members, the Fair Food Nation is on a roll!  Today’s virtual action takes us to the heart of Wendy’s territory in Columbus, Ohio, where students at the Ohio State University have been fighting tooth and nail to […]

WEEK OF ACTION, DAY 2: Call on NYC Council Members to support the Wendy’s Boycott resolution!

November 16, 2021

1-minute Virtual Action #2: Make a quick call to New York City Council Members, urging them to sponsor Resolution 1156 in support of the Wendy’s Boycott and farmworkers’ human rights!  PLUS: If you’re in NYC, join New York Fair Food for a lively protest for farmworker justice on Nov. 18 at 4 pm outside Trian Partners, Wendy’s largest institutional shareholder and main office of Wendy’s Board Chair Nelson Peltz!  It’s Day 2 of our weeklong series of creative, 1-minute virtual actions supporting the Wendy’s Boycott!  Today, the Fair Food Nation is plugging into an exciting campaign aimed at Trian Partners, […]

WEEK OF ACTION, DAY 1: Email DoorDash’s CEO!

November 15, 2021

1-minute Virtual Action #1: Send an email NOW to DoorDash’s CEO Tony Xu urging him to meet with farmworker leaders of the CIW to learn more about the award-winning Fair Food Program and why consumers who care about ethical food are boycotting Wendy’s! It’s official: The Boycott Wendy’s Week of Action is here!  Over the next five days, you will be receiving a series of 1-minute virtual actions directly to your inbox to support various branches of the national boycott of Wendy’s.  (Make sure you’re signed up to our email list here to receive instructions on how to participate!)   And […]

Corporate Accountability Lab sues Hershey and Rainforest Alliance for “false and deceptive marketing representations”

November 8, 2021

Corporate Accountability Lab: @Hersheys Stop hiding behind misleading labels like @RnfrstAlliance, while profiting off of the backs of children and refusing to pay farmers a fair price. #LivingWages #FairPay #LaborRightsAreHumanRights Imagine you live in a community where crime, including violent crime, is commonplace.  Armed robbery, kidnapping, sexual assault, all occur on a regular basis, yet there is no actual police force on the ground to protect you, or even a 911 line to report crime in real-time.  The only way to bring a crime to the authorities’ attention is through a once-a-year visit to the community by a small team of investigators […]

It’s Official: Watkins Farm of North Carolina joins the Fair Food Program!

November 2, 2021

Fair Food Program expansion continues apace with new crop and new state, with the help of North Carolina-based organic produce broker Happy Dirt and longtime FFP Participating Buyer Whole Foods… Farmer Randall Watkins on joining the FFP: “Having workers that feel valued and respected gives them passion and a love for what they do. It builds confidence and empowers them to speak up and seek help when needed. I want to make sure all my workers are protected and rewarded at the end of the day.” Happy Dirt CEO Sandi Kronick: “When it comes to social, environmental, and economic sustainability, there’s […]

Three academics, one WSR activist, and one corporate social responsibility expert walk into a bar…

October 22, 2021

… and this is the drawing they left behind on a cocktail napkin! Authors: “True cost of [dignified] labour must be worker-defined.” Unique team of academics and Worker-driven Social Responsibility practitioners pens extended letter to the editor of the peer-reviewed scientific and technology research journal,, calls for researchers studying the “True Cost Accounting” of “decent” labor systems to “lend their eyes and ears to the worker communities already creating solutions” to gain a real understanding of the human cost of exploitation and the economic value of eliminating longstanding abuses and elevating working conditions in corporate supply chains… Authors: “Two […]

SAVE THE DATE: Boycott Wendy’s Week of Action, November 15-21!

October 19, 2021

Time to get creative: Get ready to participate in a series of five, 1-minute virtual actions in support of the Wendy’s Boycott during next month’s national Week of Action! PLUS: San Francisco students and community members pay a visit to DoorDash headquarters to demand the company drop Wendy’s as a business partner and #DeliverWithDignity!  Recent news of yet another brutal forced labor case in agriculture, and the growing evidence of the Fair Food Program’s unparalleled power, have demonstrated that it is both necessary and possible to radically transform farm labor conditions in the U.S. agricultural industry.  Yet despite the many compelling reasons […]