Every day, over two million farmworkers labor in U.S. fields to harvest the food we eat. Whether it is a fall feast or a New Year’s dinner party, we all rely on the back-breaking work of farmworkers, who far too often toil under perilous conditions: Working at a break-neck pace under the heat of the sun, workers are exposed to wage theft, harassment, and assault with few to no consequences for abusers. And at worst, as we have been painfully reminded by multiple forced labor prosecutions this past year, farmworkers are subjected to modern-day slavery in the fields. 

But the story does not end there – and this Giving Tuesday, you can help write a new chapter in the history of human rights in the U.S.

Together, farmworkers and consumers have blazed a path to change that reality. The success of the Fair Food Program has proven that a model for change that is driven by workers and backed by market enforcement has the power to transform the agricultural industry: from “ground zero for modern-day slavery”, in the words of a federal prosecutor in 2008, to “the best working environment in American agriculture,” in the words of a labor expert in the New York Times, less than a decade later.

With over 10 years of hard-won experience ensuring protection of farmworkers' rights in the fields, the Fair Food Program pioneered a new model for securing human rights, economic security, and the ability to speak freely on U.S. farms – and beyond. To continue this work and to expand it into new fields nationwide and across the globe, we need your help to reach more farmworkers with the critical protections of the Fair Food Program. Can you help us expand by donating $10 this Giving Tuesday?

As we enter the holiday season full of gratitude and a fresh moment of reflection on what we most value, we invite you to extend your thanks to the women and men who harvest the food for our tables. Help us build a future where all food is Fair Food.

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Part One: New Academic Article Highlights the Success of the WSR Model in Securing Dignity in the Fields

November 21, 2022

Business and Human Rights Journal: “…WSR programs are better at enforcement than corporate-established initiatives, resulting in real-life improvements for workers.” “The Fair Food Program’s recent expansion to several new states and crops suggests that more companies are seeing its value.” “…the short time frames for complaint resolution in the Fair Food Program (51 per cent of cases resolved within 13 days) and the Milk with Dignity Program (6 days median time to resolution in 2019, down to 2 days in 2020) are far superior to other available remedial systems – such as litigation or complaints to regulatory agencies.” In a time when consumers are […]

Forced Labor, Thousands of Deaths, Ahead of World Cup in Qatar Are a Reminder that Exploitation Knows No Boundaries

November 16, 2022

Despite centuries of struggle to end the abhorrent practice, forced labor has evolved and survived, and remains a pillar of the global economy. Guardian (UK): “6,500 migrant workers have died in Qatar since World Cup awarded…” Associated Press: “My manager just said, ‘I don’t care what they said in Bangladesh. We are giving you this salary and nothing more. If you keep talking like this I’ll tell them to cancel your visa and send you back’.” Click here to take action today to help workers in Qatar and their families receive the compensation they deserve. Fans all over the world […]

BREAKING: Justice Department Announces 3 Florida Farm Bosses “Sentenced in Multi-State Racketeering Conspiracy Involving Forced Labor” of H-2A Workers

November 2, 2022

“These defendants exploited their victims’ vulnerabilities and immigration status, promising them access to the American dream but then turning around and confiscating their passports and threatening arrest and deportation if they did not endlessly toil away for their profit,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.  “Using coercive, deceptive and fraudulent practices to exploit individuals’ immigration status to engage in a pattern of forced labor for financial gain is appalling,” said U.S. Attorney Roger Handberg for the Middle District of Florida. “Thanks to the diligent work by our human trafficking task force partners, this criminal […]

Fair Food Program on the Podcast playlist: CIW’s Gerardo Reyes Chavez and Greg Asbed on building a successful human rights movement…

October 28, 2022

Gerardo Reyes Chavez and Greg Asbed, two key, longtime leaders of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), were interviewed in separate podcasts recently about the history of the CIW, the origins of the groundbreaking Fair Food Program and Worker-driven Social Responsibility model, and the continuing struggle for human rights in corporate supply chains in the fields and beyond. CIW’s Asbed was interviewed in July for Fluent in Floridian, a podcast featuring Florida leaders speaking “about the issues most important to the people of Florida.”  And early this month, Reyes was invited as a guest on Chutzpod!, a weekly podcast hosted […]

Neighbors helping neighbors: Immokalee farmworkers mobilize for hurricane relief in Fort Myers, Arcadia worker communities!

October 20, 2022

Two weeks ago, the second-deadliest storm to make landfall in the U.S. this century landed in Florida — and not just anywhere in Florida, but in Southwest Florida, Immokalee’s very own corner of the Sunshine State.  Miraculously, Immokalee itself was fortunate this time, as Florida’s largest farmworker community managed to dodge Hurricane Ian’s worst blows.  But by the fierce logic of monster storms like Ian, Immokalee’s good fortune would necessarily be another community’s worst nightmare, and on this occasions the neighboring towns of Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Arcadia, Cape Coral, and even Naples absorbed the full force of Ian’s 155 […]

Fort Myers: “Our entire community is wiped out”

October 3, 2022

Support working families affected by Hurricane Ian Dear friends, The unprecedented devastation caused by Hurricane Ian’s lethal combination of rain, wind, and record storm surge has left coastal communities of Southwest Florida in shambles, with countless families losing everything they have and far too many losing their loved ones. There are no words to describe the heartbreak and pain felt across the state right now. As the death toll continues to rise – alongside emerging questions about the leadership decisions that contributed to the storm’s catastrophic consequences to life and property for thousands of people – the coastal communities near us […]

The nation’s only organic vertical farm partners with the Fair Food Program!

September 27, 2022

Halton Peters, Co-founder and President of Hardee Fresh: “We want to be the best steward of the environment in the agricultural industry and the best citizen in the communities in which we live and work. Participation in the Fair Food Program furthers our pursuit of our goals and is just the most recent expression of our longstanding core beliefs.” Leonel Perez, CIW: “We’re excited to welcome Hardee Fresh into the Program, and to show once again that, when there is mutual commitment, the Fair Food Program can be successfully adapted to nearly any crop and farming environment.” Today, we’re excited to […]

Will Aussies welcome Wendy’s after learning about its morally suspect human rights record?

September 21, 2022

As Wendy’s sets its eyes on expansion to Australia, the fast-food chain’s reputation as a human rights laggard precedes it, making waves Down Under… The Brag Media: “… several high-profile cases of what has been called modern-day slavery on farms in the US and Mexico have demonstrated exactly why accountability is needed for corporations who seek to further exploitation at any chance they can.” In recent months, Wendy’s has declared its intention to expand its quick-service burger business to Australia.  But even before securing its first franchisee in the Lucky Country, news has been traveling far and wide about Wendy’s disregard for farmworkers’ human rights […]

News round-up: Fair Food Program in the spotlight!

September 13, 2022

As it often does, this year’s national celebration of Labor Day prompted some excellent reporting on the many ways the Fair Food Program changes the lives of farmworkers across the U.S. agricultural industry — and how the FFP’s unparalleled success has become the source of inspiration for low-wage workers in other industries to take up the fight for their own fundamental human rights!  Today, we’ve put together highlights from three such articles from national and local media that you won’t want to miss. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump right in! The Hill: “Consumers can do good every […]

ANNOUNCED: Student/Farmworker Alliance Encuentro, Sept. 29 – Oct. 2!

September 8, 2022

Students, youth set to gather for annual strategy retreat to amplify the Wendy’s Boycott this season!  After two years of virtual gatherings and strategy retreats, the student wing of the Fair Food Nation has announced it will be hosting its annual “Encuentro” conference in person later this month!  While we’ve been hard at work organizing online for a couple of years, it’s time for some face-to-face strategizing with students and youth across the country to take the Wendy’s Boycott to the next level. This year marks the 21st anniversary of the Student/Farmworker Alliance and we’re ready to open our doors […]