CIW’s Nely Rodriguez:  “During the fast, I found myself reflecting on the things I’ve seen, like the mothers here who have to get up extremely early to drop their kids off at daycare or school, but under the Fair Food Program, that is no longer the case. If we can make this Program expand, those things will change…”

Late last month, the James Beard Foundation announced the winners of its annual James Beard Awards, which shine a spotlight on journalists, chefs, activists, and others, who are making waves in the food world.  For some context, the CIW’s Co-Founders Greg Asbed and Lucas Benitez were proud recipients of the James Beard Leadership Award in 2016, and Food Chains, the feature-length documentary highlighting the CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food, was honored in 2015. 

This year, yet another Fair Food-inspired offering was selected among the nominees: “A Hunger for Tomatoes,” a feature-length narrative article in the online Southern news and culture hub, The Bitter Southerner, took the 2019 James Beard Media Award.  Weaving together stories of small farmers, farmworkers, and home seed breeders, writer Shane Mitchell paints a picture of the Southern landscape surrounding one of the region’s biggest crops – the tomato.

Today, we want to share just a few highlights from “A Hunger for Tomatoes,” which movingly depicts the community, economy, and culture surrounding the tomato throughout the South – an inextricable part of which, for the past seven years, has been the Fair Food Program.  The article explores not only the dark history of exploitation in Southern agriculture, including in the tomato industry, but also the 25-year history of struggle and transformational change brought about by the CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food and, today, the Fair Food Program itself. 

Here below are some excerpts from “A Hunger for Tomatoes,” though we would strongly recommend sitting down with a good cup of coffee and taking the time to read the full, beautifully-written article, which more than earned its tip of the hat from the James Beard Foundation.

“Que es el trabajo?” asked Julia Perkins. “What’s the job?”

A group of women facing her at the bulletin board repeated the English lesson in unison. On a Sunday afternoon in late April at the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) headquarters, female members gathered for their weekly coffee klatch to learn a few handy phrases, trade daycare schedules, and discuss the cost of groceries. Boxes of Polvorones and Canelitas cookies laid scattered on the folding table. A banda tune by Los Jefes de la Sierra Grande leaked from the sound booth of Radio Conciencia La Tuya next door. Murals depicting tomato workers in the field covered butter yellow walls. Hand-painted slogans “No Mas Abusos,” “Comida Justa” and “Justice for Farmworkers” hung above a cluster of desks.

“What kind of work is it?” said Perkins. “What do I need to apply?”

Perkins, a CIW education coordinator born in North Carolina, ended her lesson, and the women rose to rearrange the folding chairs and put away the snacks. All dressed neatly in jeans, cotton tops, clean sneakers. Gold necklaces, pierced ears. Long hair pulled back in sensible ponytails or braids. Cell phones tucked back into purses. Many still worked in the fields; others were field agents for the Coalition. Nice ladies, all.  

Bet you’d never guess they’re expert hunger strikers…





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Hitov: “I would challenge each of you to ask this simple question.  Will what I am about to do create meaningful and sustainable change, or will it just be words on paper?  If it won’t improve the day to day reality of the people whose lives and rights you are concerned about, in a way that can be proven, then do something else, or do more.” Last Wednesday’s Gwynne Skinner Human Rights Award ceremony at the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR) annual meeting in DC was a night to remember.  When we first wrote about ICAR’s selection of the CIW’s […]

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Representing over a thousand members across the U.S. and the world, the Quaker Southeastern Yearly Meeting and Dominican Sisters of Peace endorse the Wendy’s Boycott! “Guided by our Quaker principles of fairness and equality, Southeastern Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), has supported the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) for many years…” The list of official endorsements of the CIW’s Wendy’s Boycott just keeps growing!   Fresh off the excitement of last week’s major Day of Action, we bring you news of two new Wendy’s Boycott endorsements: the Dominican Sisters of Peace on April 11th, and the Southeastern Yearly […]

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Hitov selected to be inaugural recipient of the Gwynne Skinner Human Rights Award, given by the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable (ICAR)  He was with the CIW during the general strikes of the 1990’s, securing the release of farmworker leaders from the Collier County Jail when they were wrongly arrested by overzealous sheriff’s deputies. He was with the CIW in 2000, when we marched for two weeks – and 234 miles – across the state of Florida on the March for Dignity, Dialogue, and a Fair Wage (pictured above). He was with the CIW in 2005 when we negotiated our first-ever Fair […]

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