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Updates: Human rights crisis in Mexico and “Food Chains” release countdown begins…

"Enough!  Mexico Is Ready to Explode"... Two weeks ago we brought you an extended analysis of the human rights crisis in Mexico and its impact on the agricultural industry there.  In a post entitled "Fear and Fair Cannot Coexist," we wrote: Mass graves.  Horribly disfigured corpses.  Police complicity in the ultraviolence of all-powerful drug gangs. Since 2005, stories like these >> Read More
New Fair Food Label takes off!

New Fair Food Label takes off!

[hupso title="NEW POST: @FairFoodProgram labels takes off! Media & social media roundup..." url=""] Excerpt of Kerry Kennedy, President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, speaking on Huffington Post Live about the Fair Food label on Food Day.  To watch the full interview, click here. New Fair Food Program label a huge hit in print and social media on Food Day...  The Fair Food >> Read More

“We have waited nearly five years before revealing this label to the world today…”

[hupso title="The @FairFoodProgram Label is here! RT to join the#FairFoodNation & @FoodChainsFilm movement" url=""] CIW releases long-awaited Fair Food Label! After four seasons of careful implementation of its unique model of worker-driven social responsibility, including the last three seasons across more than 90% of Florida's $650 million tomato industry, the CIW is unveiling today the first-ever Fair Food Program label (above).  Its release truly marks a major >> Read More

This Friday, help us spread the word as we launch the first-ever consumer label of the Fair Food Program!

[hupso title="The @FairFoodProgram Label is here! RT to join the #FairFoodNation & @FoodChainsFilm movement" url=""]   This Friday, let’s make this Food Day the first-ever Fair Food Day! There are few food labels in the world with a history as deep -- or a human rights program as remarkable -- as the new Fair Food Program label, ready for its big >> Read More

Exclusive new clip, Oscar buzz, more… Let’s check in on “Food Chains” one month out from Nov. 21 national release!

[hupso title="EXCLUSIVE new clip of @FoodChainsFilm, oscar buzz, & more ahead of #Thanksgiving release! " url=""] [caption id="attachment_20309" align="aligncenter" width="581"] Please click above to view an exclusive clip of "Food Chains" on Indiewire! We apologize for not being able to embed the video directly.[/caption] Film industry starting to take notice as Indiewire, Awards Circuit run stories on "Food Chains" ahead of >> Read More

Divestment? Now there’s an interesting idea for a campaign…

[hupso title="#Divestment? Now there's an interesting idea for a campaign... @Wendys @FoodChainsFilm @FairFoodProgram" url=""] The exciting new documentary "Food Chains" is having an impact even before it's released, prompting one Berlin Film Festival goer to divest 50,000 shares in Wendy's after seeing the film... Well this was a surprise.  And a thought-provoking one at that. This week, news reached the CIW >> Read More

Fear and Fair cannot coexist…

Last month's horrific massacre of student human rights activists in Guerrero serves as an awful reminder of why there will be no "Fair Food Program" in the foreseeable future of Mexico's tomato industry... Mass graves.  Horribly disfigured corpses.  Police complicity in the ultraviolence of all-powerful drug gangs. Since 2005, stories like these have played out across Mexico's headlines day after day, >> Read More
Must-see new video puts the Fair Food Program at center stage!

Must-see new video puts the Fair Food Program at center stage!

[hupso title="NEW VIDEO: Fair Food Program OFFICIAL video now available!" url=""]   New video a preview of things to come this fall as the Fair Food Program gets ready for prime time... It has been quietly taking shape in Florida's fields for four seasons now, laying a foundation, building its track record, and reinforcing its gains.  Through the painstaking efforts of over >> Read More

A call to a different kind of action! “Food Chains” director calls on Fair Food Nation to mobilize for film release…

[hupso title="FILM UPDATE: Mobilize for the release of @FoodChainsFilm! New cities & more..." url=""] Film's national release coming up fast! As the November 21st nationwide release of "Food Chains" rapidly approaches, we are thrilled to be able to share the list of cities in which a full theatrical launch is planned (a "full theatrical launch" is when a film is screened at a proper theater for a >> Read More

One final, unforgettable moment from last week’s CGI meetings in New York…

[hupso title="@billclinton on @CNN: #FairFoodProgram brilliant, adds you ought to put the pedal to the metal" url=""]   In CNN interview, President Clinton calls the Fair Food Program, "brilliant," adds, "You've got a success model, and you ought to put the pedal to the metal..." Last week's ceremony at which the CIW was honored with the 2014 Clinton Global Citizen >> Read More