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Taco Bell Boycott Press, 2001

Taco Bell Boycott Press, 2001

Boycott the Bell! Press Spotlight Weekly Planet, "Picking a Fight" June 7-13. This is an excellent article that ties the history of the Coalition with the Taco Bell boycott: "In today's anti-corporate atmosphere, the chances that people will choose not to buy are pretty good. Many of those who are beginning to insist that corporate responsibility should go with huge >> Read More
Yum! Brands extends the Taco Bell agreement to the rest of its five major brands!..

Yum! Brands extends the Taco Bell agreement to the rest of its five major brands!..

KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers, and A&W Restaurants add their weight to the growing movement for Fair Food... It's official!... At its 2007 Shareholders meeting last week, Yum Brands confirmed that it has extended the Taco Bell agreement to cover all five of its brands, bringing the number of national fast-food chains working with the CIW to improve the >> Read More


In what should be a portent of great things to come in 2006, the Taco Bell Boycott victory has been cited in several national year-end reviews as a highlight of positive social change in 2005. From "The Nation" to "Truthout" and "WorkingForChange," national media identified the gains acheived through the boycott victory as a concrete reason for hope for those >> Read More

United Nations Independent Expert on Extreme Poverty Visits Immokalee

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="288"] On Wednesday, October 26, a standing room only crowd gathered at the CIW to greet the United Nations' Independent Expert on Extreme Poverty, Dr. Arjun Sengupta, who came to Immokalee accompanied by two colleagues for a day-long visit as part of his work documenting extreme poverty in the US and challenging its causes through the UN >> Read More


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="288"] The CIW -- with a delegation more than 40 strong, including allies from the Student/Farmworker Alliance and Interfaith Action -- joined the historic March for Peace in Washington, DC, this past September 24th.There they marched with hundreds of thousands of Americans who came together from across the country -- and across all the many age, class, >> Read More

Group champions migrants: The small but influential took on fast-food giant Taco Bell and won higher pay for tomato harvesters.

By Wes Smith Sentinel National Correspondent IMMOKALEE -- Gerardo Reyes Chávez, 25, sat atop a desk against a mustard-colored wall surrounded by images of Che Guevara, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Martin Luther King Jr. and Our Lady of Guadeloupe. He held up a drawing of the Statue of Liberty and spoke of its history and symbolism to nearly 30 migrant >> Read More

A Side Order of Human Rights

A Side Order of Human Rights The New York Times By Eric Schlosser Wednesday, April 6, 2005 Monterey, Calif. — And now a word of good news from the world of fast food. Last month, the , a group that represents farm workers in southern Florida, announced that it was ending a four-year boycott of Taco Bell. The most remarkable >> Read More

Statements of Support for the CIW’s Historic Agreement with Taco Bell

  U.S.Congressional Hispanic Caucus: "This is a truly historic agreement, marking perhaps the single greatest advance for farm workers since the early struggles of the United Farm Workers. To the the workers and organizers of CIW, we express our deepest gratitude for their determined work for their own dignity and their historic contribution to advancing the cause of labor rights.” >> Read More

Announcement of CIW Listserv!

  HOME | BREAKING NEWS | ABOUT CIW | TAKE ACTION | ANTI-SLAVERY NEWS | JOIN LISTSERVE | CONTACT US | DONATE CIW LISTSERVE Sign up for the CIW LISTSERVE and receive regular updates on our work: To subscribe send a blank email to: To unsubscribe send blank email to: HOME | BREAKING NEWS | ABOUT CIW | >> Read More