Yum! Brands extends the Taco Bell agreement to the rest of its five major brands!..

KFC, Pizza Hut, Long John Silvers, and A&W Restaurants add their weight to the growing movement for Fair Food…

It’s official!… At its 2007 Shareholders meeting last week, Yum Brands confirmed that it has extended the Taco Bell agreement to cover all five of its brands, bringing the number of national fast-food chains working with the CIW to improve the wages and working conditions in Florida’s fields to six!

See the AP story, in Business Week, here: “Yum Brands expanding farmworkers deal,” 5/18/07.

That means that the Florida farmworker who picks tomatoes for chicken sandwiches sold at KFC or for hamburgers at A&W Restaurants will be paid a fairer wage and have a stronger voice on the job than ever before.

Where’s Burger King in this picture, you ask? The world’s second largest burger company is not ready yet, it appears, to join the growing movement for Fair Food. If you’d like to give Burger King a little nudge and tell the fast-food giant to stop turning a blind eye to human rights violations in its supply chain, click here!

PLUS!.. Check out this thoughtful new article on the Campaign from “In These Times” entitled “Doing it for Themselves” (5/14)