A call to a different kind of action! “Food Chains” director calls on Fair Food Nation to mobilize for film release…

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Film’s national release coming up fast!

As the November 21st nationwide release of “Food Chains” rapidly approaches, we are thrilled to be able to share the list of cities in which a full theatrical launch is planned (a “full theatrical launch” is when a film is screened at a proper theater for a week or more).  Thus far those cities include:

English language: New York City, Los Angeles (Pasadena), San Francisco, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Chicago and Bonita Springs (FL), with the possibility of Miami

Spanish language: Salinas (CA), Pittsburgh (CA), Bakersfield (CA)

Food Chains will be released in more major cities on November 28th, including Denver and Minneapolis.

Just a little more than a month ahead of its release, “Food Chains” director Sanjay Rawal has this message for the Fair Food Nation:

The key to the longterm success of this film will be having a robust opening weekend. We need the nation’s thousands of Fair Food Supporters — and their friends — to get out to theaters, see the film and enjoy the panel discussions with CIW members and allies.  If we have a great opening weekend, we’ll be able to expand to many more cities, which will enable the Campaign to reach many more people.  

Not only that: The bigger a film’s theatrical release, the longer the university and community screening campaigns are as well (such as house parties, DVD-based screenings, etc). This wonderful opportunity for theatrical impact (and thus longterm impact) is really dependent not on individual ticket sales, but group sales.

We have great partnerships in some of those cities listed above with organizations committed to spreading the word about the film and buying blocks of tickets for members.  In some cities, however, we don’t have as many partners and we need your help!  In the coming month and a half, we want to connect with religious groups, food justice groups, NGOs, university clubs, community groups, and any other organizations looking to support Fair Food.

We are most in need of help in Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and Chicago.  Please share this request far and wide!  Email us at Rebecca [at[ Picturemotion [dot] com.