TAKE ACTION: Nov. 2 announced as Day of Action for Migrant Justice’s Hannaford Campaign!

Dairy workers and allies march during the launch of Migrant Justice’s Hannaford Campaign in October 2019. Migrant Justice is calling on the northeastern supermarket chain to join the Milk with Dignity Program and ensure the human rights of dairy workers in their supply chain.

Send a message to Hannaford CEO Mike Vail: It’s time for Hannaford to join the Milk with Dignity Program!

November is already here, and what better way to kick it off than by taking action to support human rights for dairy workers?

Migrant Justice has announced that this Saturday, November 2nd, will be the first national Milk with Dignity Day of Action for the Hannaford Campaign!  After the launch of their brand-new campaign with the northeastern supermarket chain in the first days of October, dairy workers are now calling for support from allies across the country to let Hannaford know: It’s time to bring real, verifiable human rights protections to the dairy workers in its supply chain by joining the Milk with Dignity Program!

Here’s the full announcement from Migrant Justice, including how you can get involved:

Announcing Milk with Dignity Day of Action on 11/2!

Migrant Justice is calling for a Milk with Dignity Day of Action at Hannaford supermarkets across the northeast for Saturday, November 2nd! Farmworkers and allies will descend on Hannafords to tell the supermarket giant that it’s time to take responsibility for the human rights of farmworkers. Over a dozen actions are already planned for 11/2! Sign up to join an action or organize one at a Hannaford near you!

On October 3rd, we launched the latest Milk with Dignity campaign. 150 farmworkers, farmers and consumers marched to a Hannaford’s store to call on the supermarket chain to join Ben & Jerry’s in ensuring rights for farmworkers in its supply chain. The following week, three major national faith organizations endorsed the campaign and urged the company to respond to Migrant Justice’s invitation. Hundreds of you have joined the call by sending your own letters to Hannaford CEO Mike Vail. Yet Hannaford is continuing to ignore its responsibility to farmworkers.

Now we are turning up the heat by calling for a coordinated day of action! At stores across the northeast, Hannaford needs to hear loud and clear that consumers are demanding rights and dignity for the farmworkers behind the company’s store brand milk. Check out the map of existing actions:

We’re off to a good start, but for Hannaford to really hear us we need to make this big! Sign up today to join an existing action or organize one near you!

We are especially looking for folks to organize actions in Hannaford’s home state of Maine. Are you in Maine? Do you have friends or family there? Spread the word so we can take this fight to Hannaford’s home turf!

Not sure how to organize an action? No worries! We’ll be sending out an action toolkit to all organizers with step-by-step instructions! And for those in states without Hannaford, we’ll be calling on you to help amplify the message through social media on the day of the action!

P.S. Have you emailed Hannaford CEO Mike Vail?  What are you waiting for? Take a minute to send a clear message that Hannaford needs to get with the program!