Must-see new video on Worker-driven Social Responsibility gives hope for real human rights protections in dark times…

Video: Worker-driven Social Responsibility – Beyond the Headlines…

“Real progress is seldom easy. But Worker-driven Social Responsibility offers a blueprint, at last, to ensure dignified conditions for the half a billion people working in factories, farms, and other workplaces across the world who touch our lives every single day.”

From the Worker-driven Social Responsibility Network, who produced the remarkable new video (above):

All human beings deserve work with dignity, respect for their human rights, and a voice in the decisions that affect their lives. However, 500 million workers in global supply chains who make and harvest the products we consume are exploited on a daily basis.

Released February 5th, 2020, the WSR Network’s new two-minute video explains worker-driven social responsibility, an innovative paradigm for protecting fundamental human rights in corporate supply chains that emerged out of worker-led efforts.

Please watch the video — the most hopeful two-minutes you will spend today! — and then share it with friends and on social media.  Thank you.