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ACTION ALERT: Student/Farmworker Alliance announces “Pulling Back the Curtain on Wendy’s” Week of Action, Oct. 22-28!

ACTION ALERT: Student/Farmworker Alliance announces “Pulling Back the Curtain on Wendy’s” Week of Action, Oct. 22-28!

Today, we bring you big news from the Student/Farmworker Alliance, the ever-growing, national network of students and young people who have been keeping the heat cranked up on Wendy's all year long!  This week, students announced their October National Week of Action, with the theme of "Pulling Back the Curtain on Wendy's".  So mark your calendars, Fair Food Nation, because >> Read More
Brown U student leader takes Wendy’s to task in forceful call to action…

Brown U student leader takes Wendy’s to task in forceful call to action…

[caption id="attachment_28185" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Students join over 2,000 protesters in New York City last month in the Time's Up Wendy's March[/caption] Brown U student, Natalie Lerner: "... it is on us as students, young people, and daily consumers to say that we will not stand for sexual assault on our campus or in the fields... We must elevate real, enforceable >> Read More
Students from coast to coast declare:  “It’s On, Wendy’s!”

Students from coast to coast declare: “It’s On, Wendy’s!”

[caption id="attachment_28314" align="aligncenter" width="798"] Students at UNC - Chapel Hill symbolically pin a large red dot to their local Wendy's, building on the nationwide "Red Dot" campaign in which students on university and college campuses map their communities, with red dots indicating locations in which violent incidents of sexual harassment and assault have taken place. For this Sexual Harassment Awareness >> Read More

PHOTO REPORT: Students nationwide give Wendy’s an “F” for failing to respect farmworker women!

[caption id="attachment_27061" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Students from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill march to the on-campus Wendy's as a part of last week's "Wendy's you're failing farmworker women" Student Week of Action[/caption]Last week, the Student/Farmworker Alliance turned up the heat on Wendy’s with the “Wendy’s, You’re Failing Farmworker Women” national Week of Action!  The high-energy week was kicked off >> Read More

ACTION ALERT: “Wendy’s, You’re Failing Farmworker Women” National Week of Action, Oct. 21-28!

Students step up to the plate, fight side-by-side with farmworker women to end sexual violence in Wendy's supply chain!Right up until the final days of last spring semester, Wendy's unconscionable decision to shift its tomato purchases to Mexico rather than participate in the Fair Food Program had students across the country up in arms.  Between the historic rolling Fast for Farmworker Justice and the colorful >> Read More

THIS WEEK: 60+ student and youth leaders converge on Immokalee for annual Encuentro!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret MeadWith Labor Day weekend in the rearview mirror, the summer of 2017 is officially over and fall is in the air.  On college campuses across the country, that can only mean one thing: The students are back into town! >> Read More

A Profile in Cowardice…

President Drake, OSU Administration take a stand against students, faculty, faith leaders, international labor rights experts and farmworkers to renew Wendy's contract for three more years; Administration waits until school year over, students safely at home, to announce decision; Students call for Fair Food Nation to join national call-in action to President Drake's office today! Last Thursday, Amanda Ferguson, an OSU >> Read More

“Voluntary codes like the one promulgated by Wendy’s are too often little more than a sham…”

International labor rights expert James Brudney pens powerful op/ed for OSU campus newspaper comparing Fair Food Program and Wendy's corporate code of conduct; On the FFP: "Twenty-five years ago, few observers in this country would have thought that what CIW and FFP have accomplished was conceivable... The FFP and CIW have secured basic labor standards protections for tens of thousands of tomato >> Read More

“We are called to honor human dignity for all, to honor the dignity of work…”

[caption id="attachment_26013" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Barry University students pledge to join the Wendy's Boycott and the national student fast.[/caption]Dozens of students from Catholic universities join rolling student fast, call on Ohio State University President Michael Drake to keep his word to OSU students and help protect farmworkers' fundamental human rights!Just as Vanderbilt students broke their 7-day fast earlier this week, dozens of >> Read More

As rolling student fast enters second month, Vanderbilt students answer the call loud and clear!

Like Tampa area fast, Vanderbilt action snowballs, doubles within days of launch and catches the attention of University administration, local media...Following yesterday's exciting news of the series of 3-day fasts rolling through university campuses in the Tampa Bay region -- and of the critical call to action from students at OSU -- we have yet another inspiring update today, this time from >> Read More