Pressure on supermarket giant Ahold goes bi-continental

Dutch Fair Food allies in Amsterdam rallied last week outside an Ahold-owned supermarket in the heart of the city at the start of a march on Ahold’s corporate headquarters. The marchers demanded that the supermarket giant join in partnership with the CIW to improve farmworker wages and working conditions. Above, the protesters are led by the inimitable Reverend Billy (right, with bullhorn), visiting Amsterdam from the US for the premier of a major new musical based on his life’s work calling for ethical consumerism.

Pressure on supermarket giant Ahold goes bi-continental, with same-day actions in Amsterdam and New Amsterdam (well, almost…)!

Check out the photo report from Day Eleven with all the action in Amsterdam (Holland) and Quincy, MA!

Two exciting actions on two continents marked a notable escalation in the Ahold campaign last Friday as the Northeast Tour crew paid a visit to Ahold USA headquarters in Quincy, MA while Dutch allies protested at the company’s global headquarters in Amsterdam. Ahold owns US grocery chains Giant and Stop and Shop.

Click here to see the photo report from the actions in Quincy, MA and Amsterdam!

While the U.S. action — a delegation of five people delivering nearly 1,000 postcards collected in the course of the first half of the Slavery Museum’s Northeast Tour — was received wth extra hired security, the Netherlands action was made all the more inspiring by the presence of the one and only Rev. Billy of the Church of Life after Shopping.

The protest in Amsterdam was picked up by the Holland AP (AT5 Nieuws, “Demonstratie tegen Ahold,” 8/6/10) as well as Belgian radio (Redactie Radio Centraal: “Het Kwade bestaat. AHOLD is de naam,” 8/9/10) and several more news outlets and blogs.