Campaign for Fair Food in the (national) news!

The Campaign for Fair Food has been hitting some dizzying heights in the national media of late, including stories on CNN, NPR, and in the Atlantic. Here’s an excerpt from the CNN story:

“… Here’s what happens in the supply chain: major corporate buyers such as supermarkets, fast food chains and food service companies regularly purchase a massive amount of produce. Their huge purchases allow these companies to leverage their buying power and demand the lowest possible prices from tomato growers. This, in turn, exerts a powerful downward pressure on wages and working conditions in tomato suppliers’ operations…

… It’s a dynamic that has existed for decades. But over the past few years, one grassroots organization has started to challenge the big buyers. And they’re winning.

The Campaign for Fair Food

To help fight the rampant human trafficking and other injustices in the tomato industry, The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) launched the Campaign for Fair Food in 2001. Their goal is to reverse the trend that exploits workers by harnessing the purchasing power of the food industry for the betterment of farmworker wages and working conditions. Over the past decade, they’ve made major headway…” read more

Take a moment to check out all the stories, including an extended interview with CIW’s Gerardo Reyes on the NPR program “The Story”: