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The best Super Bowl ad you didn’t see (because its makers didn’t have the millions of dollars needed to buy airtime)… 

This is a site dedicated to the fight to protect the human rights of farmworkers through the CIW’s Campaign for Fair Food and the Fair Food Program.  

But from time to time we will, between updates from the Campaign front, take a quick foray into the world beyond the Fair Food movement for a conversation on other subjects, as long as the foray doesn’t take us too far afield.  Our reflection on the passing of Nelson Mandela last December was one such step outside the normal subject matter.  And last year’s post on the controversial Super Bowl ad for Chevy trucks, “So God Made a Farmer” was another.

And today, one year later to the day, we are taking a moment to take a look at yet another Super Bowl ad, this time one that didn’t get seen, because the people who made it didn’t have the funds to pay for the costliest airtime in the history of television.  It was produced and released by the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and was intended to use the platform of the nation’s most-watched sporting event to provoke discussion around a long-standing debate on the use of the word “Redskin” as the name of a professional football team.

No matter where you might fall in that debate, it is one worth having.  And it is a debate that touches on the issues of human dignity and respect, issues central to the Campaign to Fair Food.  So take a moment to watch the video and, if you are interested, head over to the NCAI website to learn more.  The NCAI released the video in the hope that people might post it to their Facebook and other social media pages, and in the few days since its release the video already has over 1.5 million hits.  If you are so inclined, you can help spread the word and share the video with your friends, too.

Thanks, and now back to our regular programming….