What a buzz! Anticipation for the Parade and Concert for Fair Food is off the charts…

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Less than a week out, artists and allies alike counting down for the grand Parade and Concert for Fair Food…

Whether you’re hearing about this weekend’s spring action from a CIW member speaking at your church or university, or gathering with your Fair Food Committee to put the final touches on your game plan for getting to St. Petersburg, or skimming the constant chatter on Twitter and Facebook, you can feel it in the air: The Fair Food Nation is buzzing with excitement for this Saturday’s huge Parade and Concert for Fair Food!  

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.47.46 AM
CIW members and their artist allies gather outside the CIW office in Immokalee with some of the art for Saturday’s parade in downtown St. Pete.

In just a few short days, the streets of St. Petersburg will be flooded with beautiful artwork and a sea of thousands of farmworkers and Fair Food activists, many of whom will have traveled hundreds of miles to celebrate the historic changes taking place in Florida’s tomato fields.

Possibly no one is more excited than the musicians themselves, who have been spreading the word of the Concert for Fair Food far and wide through social media.  As you saw at the top of this post, Concert headliner Ozomatli has already put out the call to all of their fans to join them in supporting the CIW in St. Petersburg this weekend.  And the video has spread like wildfire, with a staggering 20,000+ views on Facebook in less than a week!

Shoulder-to-shoulder with Ozomatli is La Santa Cecilia, ready to bring their own warmth and high energy music to sunny Florida after a back-to-back tour through the mid-atlantic and midwest.  They too have been sharing their excitement with fans across the country over the last week:

Meanwhile, from New England to the Midwest to South Florida, buses for Fair Food allies traveling to the action are starting to overflow.  Of course, Music City itself — Nashville, TN — is leading the way, where so many local residents are clamoring to join the caravan that organizers have added a second full bus to head down to St Pete.  So if you’re planning on coming and haven’t yet registered, check out your city or region below and make sure to secure your seat with one of the many Fair Food pilgrimages:


Orlando bus – Contact jake@allianceforfairfood.org or register here!

Gainesville bus – Contact yaissy@allianceforfairfood.org

Miami Area bus – Contact natali@sfalliance.org

Tampa caravans – Contact elena@allianceforfairfood.org

Sarasota caravans – Contact claire@allianceforfairfood.org

Lakeland caravans – Contact claire@allianceforfairfood.org

Southwest Florida caravans – Contact claire@allianceforfairfood.org

Treasure Coast caravan – Contact tcfairfood@gmail.com

Jacksonville caravan – Contact yaissy@allianceforfairfood.org

Tallahassee caravan – Contact elena@allianceforfairfood.org


Nashville – Memphis – Atlanta bus – Contact nashvillefairfood@gmail.com

Michigan – Ohio bus – Contact kim@sfalliance.org and osusfalliance@gmail.com

Providence – Boston – New York bus – Contact shelby@sfalliance.org

Philadelphia – DC bus – Contact phillyfairfood@gmail.com or dcfairfood@gmail.com

This beautiful event is sure to be a highlight of the year — both in the Campaign for Fair Food, and in the memories of all who come.  Here in Immokalee, we are working hard to make sure that each and every man, woman and child who is moved to march and celebrate with the CIW in St. Petersburg on Saturday can be there.  

So in this final week, we need your help.  Spread the word of this weekend’s action to all of your networks, listservs, friends, and family — and if you have not had a chance to do so yet, please pitch in for the Concert for Fair Food fundraiser.  We are raising funds to help defray the costs of the many Fair Food buses and caravans making their way to St. Pete, and we have the unique opportunity to double whatever the Fair Food Nation raises, thanks to a generous anonymous donor!   So please take a moment to contribute and share the online fundraiser with everyone you know.

Ozomatli, La Santa Cecilia, and thousands of allies already can’t wait for Saturday’s action-celebration — and neither can we.   We hope to see you there!