For Giving Tuesday, give the gift that gives back… Become a Fair Food Sustainer and help end sexual violence in the fields!

CIW’s Nely Rodriguez addresses allies in Columbus, Ohio, outside Wendy’s Headquarters, holding aloft a quilt created by the farmworker women of Immokalee

What if you were to wake up tomorrow and the headline read: “Sexual harassment eradicated”?

A distant dream, we know.  But what if you could actually help end sexual harassment in the fields, starting today? 

We have good news:  You can.  Today, for Giving Tuesday, stand with farmworker women and sign up to be a Fair Food Sustainer.

As we witness an historic moment of cultural reckoning nationwide, we are all painfully aware that women across country — from Hollywood to the hotel industry — face sexual harassment in the workplace.  We also know that for women in the fields, the rates are particularly staggering.  On non-Fair Food Program farms, up to 4 out of every 5 women face sexual harassment while harvesting tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, lettuce, and dozens of other fresh fruits and vegetables across the United States.  The headlines out of those farms paint a bleak landscape:  “Florida Farm Owners Assault Migrants While Police and Prosecutors Do Nothing“…  “Female Farmworkers And Rape: Sexual Assault And Harassment Persist In Central San Joaquin Valley“…  “Why Have There Been So Few Sexual Assault Prosecutions In the Agriculture Industry?”

The headlines coming out of Fair Food Program fields, however, tell another story entirely: “Lessons for Hollywood’s women from tomato pickers in Florida“. “How to Stop the Predators Who Aren’t Famous“.  “How America’s ‘ground-zero’ for modern slavery was cleaned up by workers’ group“.

The Fair Food Program is the solution the country is searching for to the problem of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.  We need you to help us expand its protections to new farms and new crops, and by signing up as a Fair Food Sustainer today, you can do just that.  

Through its wall-to-wall education and strictly-enforced zero tolerance policy for sexual assault — backed by the powerful market consequences established in hard-won Fair Food Agreements with 14 major corporate buyers — the Fair Food Program has already set the gold standard in the fight against sexual violence: prevention.  Today, the women and men who harvest the nation’s food under the protections of the FFP do so secure in the knowledge that their dignity will be preserved at work.  

You can be a part of that story, and those headlines, by becoming a Fair Food Sustainer. 

But there are hundreds of thousands of farmworker women in the U.S. who continue to face sexual abuse at work, and who remain unable to denounce their abusers for fear of losing their jobs. With your help, we can expand the Fair Food Program’s protections to more and more farmworkers across the country, and end the abuse on fields from coast to coast.

This holiday season, become a Sustainer.  If you are already (we applaud you!), find one friend or family member to join this year.  Throughout the rest of 2017, we will be calling on your support to channel the momentum of the #MeToo revolution into a movement for concrete, lasting change for farmworker women.