MUST-SEE NEW VIDEO: 2017 Year in Review!


And quite a year it was…

When, in a single year, 1) a statue you created nearly twenty years ago as the centerpiece of an historic march across Florida gets put on permanent display at the heart of the Smithsonian’s newest exhibit on American history; 2) you launch an exciting new global network to promote and expand the Worker-driven Social Responsibility model to huge buzz in New York City; and 3) you take a direct hit from the strongest hurricane in the history of the Atlantic… and none of those things makes the official “Year in Review” video… you know you’ve had quite a year!

Check out the incredible new video above, and please consider becoming an official Fair Food Program Sustainer this holiday season to help us expand the FFP’s groundbreaking protections to tens of thousand of more farmworkers in 2018.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!