This fall, host a CIW farmworker leader as a virtual speaker in your classroom, congregation, or community meeting!

This fall, farmworker leaders of the CIW will be traveling virtually from Immokalee to cities across the country to speak with students, community leaders, and people of faith about the struggle for essential farmworkers’ rights – and about the CIW’s award-winning Fair Food Program, recently called the new “gold standard” for protecting human rights in global supply chains! Don’t miss this opportunity to schedule a virtual presentation in your community today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the longstanding inequities at the heart of our food system, from meatpacking factories to the fields. The need for enforceable protections and safety measures for essential farmworkers has never been more urgent. Farmworker leaders of the CIW will be educating consumers across the country on the groundbreaking protections of the award-winning Fair Food Program, and the urgent need for corporations like Wendy’s to demand compliance with verifiable worker health and safety standards from their suppliers during the ongoing pandemic, and beyond. 

Schedule a presentation, workshop or public event this fall with the CIW to learn how you can support human rights for essential farmworkers today!

Schedule a presentation today!

Presentations can be tailored based on times allotted and specific themes. Get in touch with us at to get on our presentation calendar this fall.