VIDEO: The Power of Prevention

Today we’re excited to share a compelling new snapshot of the Fair Food Program. This short video explains how the CIW’s worker-led social responsibility model, together with the strong partnerships at the heart of the FFP, helped create and sustain unparalleled resilience for farmworkers and growers alike in the face of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the founding of the FFP in 2011, workers and Participating Growers have been able to count on healthier workplaces, and Participating Buyers have been able to count on safer and more secure supply chains.  The pandemic was an unprecedented stress test for all of our country’s food system, but once again the FFP stood strong even while other efforts to protect essential workers fell tragically short.  The robust community engagement led by the CIW, the cutting-edge health and safety outreach led by the Fair Food Standards Council in conjunction with Participating Growers, and the existing enforcement mechanisms baked into the FFP dramatically blunted the pandemic’s impact inside the Program.  Sadly, COVID-19 continues to pose a serious threat to essential farmworkers on the ground, making the rigorous protections of the Fair Food Program as critical as ever. 

We’re grateful to the teams at Made Outside and LaStoria Productions for helping us tell this important story. Watch below!