This Giving Tuesday, honor the farmworkers at your table 


You can support the human rights of the farmworkers who harvested your Thanksgiving meal. Make a one-time donation for Giving Tuesday here

Every year, we mark the holiday season by celebrating “Giving Tuesday,” a day to put our gratitude to work by supporting the causes and communities we most care about.

The food at our tables this season comes with a story. For many farmworkers around the country, that story is fraught with perilous working conditions  – forced labor, sexual assault, wage theft, and exposure to dangerous health and safety risks are disturbingly common in the industry. 

But for farmworkers covered by the enforceable protections of the Fair Food Program, the story has changed. 

The success of the Fair Food Program has proven that a worker-driven partnership model, backed by market enforcement, has the power to transform the agricultural industry: from “ground zero for modern-day slavery” to “the best working environment in American agriculture,” as one labor expert said in the New York Times.

We need to reach more farmworkers with the critical protections of the Fair Food Program. Can you help us expand by donating any amount this Giving Tuesday?  

As we enter the holiday season full of gratitude and perhaps newfound perspective on what matters most, we invite you to extend these thanks to the men and women who harvest the food for our tables.  

Help us build a future where all food is Fair Food.  

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