WEEK OF ACTION, DAY 5: Join the #DaveWouldNever social media campaign!

1-minute Virtual Action #5: Post to social media using #DaveWouldNever to let Wendy's know that the company's late founder and renowned philanthropist Dave Thomas would be appalled at Wendy's disdain for farmworkers' human rights! 

It's been quite the week!  Between sending emails, making phone calls, posting tweets and signing petitions, supporters of the Wendy's Boycott have made their voices heard loud and clear.  As we get ready for even more action this weekend, with several in-person protests planned to culminate the Week of Action, we have one more virtual action to share with you! 

Today's action is focused on drawing attention to Wendy's drastic shift away from the morals of its late founder and respected humanitarian Dave Thomas, who insisted on running the hamburger giant with admirable values such as "Do The Right Thing" and "Treat People With Respect."  Unfortunately, those days are gone.  Wendy's current leadership team —  under the guidance of Board Chair and major shareholder Nelson Peltz — has a very different idea of how business should be handled.  And for a company that still prides itself on "not cutting corners" to honor "Dave's Way", Wendy's is quite the expert on cutting corners in the social responsibility department.

Abandoning longtime Florida suppliers following the implementation of an award-winning human rights program and then shifting purchases to the abusive Mexican tomato industry, where extreme worker abuse has been well-documented and even the U.S. government says there is modern-day slavery?  #DaveWouldNever

Accusing farmworker women, who have been leading the fight to end sexual violence in the fields for decades, of "exploiting the #MeToo movement" for protesting against gender-based violence?  #DaveWouldNever

Join the Fair Food Nation in letting Wendy's know that #DaveWouldNever approve of the company's rejection of the Fair Food Program — the gold standard for human rights protection in the U.S. agriculture and the go-to social responsibility program among all of Wendy's leading competitors in the fast-food industry. Here's a few sample posts and graphics below you could use to take action today, but we encourage you to get creative and make your own!: 

The concentration of power in the hands of Nelson Peltz, and his hedge-fund Trian Partners, is standing in the way of @Wendys following Dave Thomas’s moral legacy and joining the @FairFoodProgram to protect the human rights of farmworkers.  #DaveWouldNever

Reject the opportunity to ensure farmworkers in @Wendys supply chain are protected from wage theft, sexual assault and modern slavery?  #DaveWouldNever.  Wendy's must join the @FairFoodProgram now! 

#DaveWouldNever choose profits over farmworkers' human rights. That isn't Dave's Way. @Wendy's must honor its founder's moral legacy by joining the award-winning @FairFoodProgram.