This Giving Tuesday, support expansion of the Fair Food Program!

Every day, over two million farmworkers labor in U.S. fields to harvest the food we eat. Whether it is a fall feast or a New Year’s dinner party, we all rely on the back-breaking work of farmworkers, who far too often toil under perilous conditions: Working at a break-neck pace under the heat of the sun, workers are exposed to wage theft, harassment, and assault with few to no consequences for abusers. And at worst, as we have been painfully reminded by multiple forced labor prosecutions this past year, farmworkers are subjected to modern-day slavery in the fields. 

But the story does not end there – and this Giving Tuesday, you can help to write a new chapter in the history of human rights in the U.S.

Together, farmworkers and consumers have blazed a path to change that reality. The success of the Fair Food Program has proven that a model for change that is driven by workers and backed by market enforcement has the power to transform the agricultural industry: from “ground zero for modern-day slavery”, in the words of a federal prosecutor in 2008, to “the best working environment in American agriculture,” in the words of a labor expert in the New York Times, less than a decade later.

With over 10 years of hard-won experience ensuring protection of farmworkers’ rights in the fields, the Fair Food Program pioneered a new model for securing human rights, economic security, and the ability to speak freely on U.S. farms – and beyond. To continue this work and to expand it into new fields nationwide and across the globe, we need your help to reach more farmworkers with the critical protections of the Fair Food Program. Can you help us expand by donating $10 this Giving Tuesday?

As we enter the holiday season full of gratitude and a fresh moment of reflection on what we most value, we invite you to extend your thanks to the women and men who harvest the food for our tables. Help us build a future where all food is Fair Food.

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