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Boot the Braids!… Student-led Wendy’s campaign set to hit the road running this coming school year!

[hupso_hide][hupso title="Immokalee prepares for #2014Encuentro! Students & youth from #FairFoodNation make plans for @Wendys this fall..." url="http://ciw-online.org/blog/2014/08/encuentro/"] With the annual Student/Farmworker Alliance "Encuentro" just around the corner, student and youth leaders of the Fair Food Nation train their sights on Wendy's with an echo of the seminal "Boot the Bell" campus-based movement...  [caption id="attachment_19941" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Members of the Student/Farmworker >> Read More

“This is the best workplace-monitoring program I’ve seen in the US”… Don’t miss today’s New York Times story on the Fair Food Program!

[hupso_hide][hupso title="#FairFoodProgram best workplace monitoring program in US - @NYTimes" url="http://ciw-online.org"] [caption id="attachment_19292" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Photo by Rick Perry, New York Times. Be sure to check out his full photo gallery from Immokalee, "A New Day in America's Tomato Capital". [/caption] Front page New York Times story takes a close look at Fair Food Program, traces trajectory of Florida tomato >> Read More

You CAN go home again…

[hupso_hide][hupso title="Short title" url="the URL"] CIW returns to Louisville, the birthplace of Fair Food, to visit with dear old friends and rekindle powerful alliances for the Wendy's campaign! In March, 2005, Taco Bell's parent company Yum Brands, based in Louisville, KY, signed the first-ever Fair Food agreement with the CIW after four long years of boycott.  During those four years, >> Read More

4 million-member-strong anti-slavery leader Walk Free enters the fray in Wendy’s campaign!

[hupso_hide][hupso title="#antislavery leader @WalkFree launches e-action calling on @Wendys to join #FairFoodNation!" url="http://ciw-online.org/?p=16713"] International anti-slavery giant Walk Free launches e-action calling on Wendy's to "sign the Fair Food Agreement now and help end slavery forever in Florida’s tomato fields." The Australia-based anti-slavery organization Walk Free -- which boasts a community of over 4 million members -- wrote a novel email >> Read More

Fair Pay Program Honorable

news-press.com In our Sept. 23 editorial "Workers deserve back pay," we expressed alarm at a lawsuit filed, claiming that certain farmworkers hadn't been paid per the extra "penny-a-pound" pact negotiated by the Coalition of Immokalee Workers with tomato buyers. The allegations were shocking - and while the coalition was not named as a defendant - buyers such as Burger King, >> Read More
Taco Bell Boycott Press, 2001

Taco Bell Boycott Press, 2001

Boycott the Bell! Press Spotlight Weekly Planet, "Picking a Fight" June 7-13. This is an excellent article that ties the history of the Coalition with the Taco Bell boycott: "In today's anti-corporate atmosphere, the chances that people will choose not to buy are pretty good. Many of those who are beginning to insist that corporate responsibility should go with huge >> Read More

“Immokalee workers raise stakes; May boycott fast-food chain in try to raise tomato prices”

Ft. Myers News-Press 3/5/08 By AMY BENNETT WILLIAMS Erica Klopf, 21, left, of the FGCU Environmental Association and Angela Cisneros, 24, of the FGCU Progressive Alliance work on a banner supporting the Coalition of Immokalee Workers on Saturday, March 1, 2008 outside the Florida Gulf Coast University student union. The banner denounces the decision by fast food giant Burger King >> Read More

Advisory: Sanders to Meet Florida Farm Workers

Advisory: Sanders to Meet Florida Farm Workers WASHINGTON, January 16 – Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will meet with farm workers in Florida on Thursday and Friday to support their campaign to persuade Burger King to join other fast-food chains that have raised the pay for tomato pickers by paying a penny a pound more for the product. The Coalition of >> Read More
Jobs with Justice of East Tennesse Letter to Burger King Manager

Jobs with Justice of East Tennesse Letter to Burger King Manager

JOBS WITH JUSTICE OF EAST TENNESSEE 1124 North Broadway Knoxville, Tennessee 37917 Manager Burger King 2806 North Broadway Knoxville, TN 37917 Dear Sir: Jobs With Justice of East Tennessee is a coalition of grassroots communiity groups, students, churches, and labor unions that advocates for worker rights and economic justice. We are demonstrating at your place of business in support of >> Read More