BREAKING ACTION: launches Wendy’s Boycott petition!


“Today, we need you to tell Wendy’s that if they want your business, they must join the Fair Food Program…”

Today, — one of the giants of online social justice with over 100 million petition starters and supporters in more than 196 countries — has turned its formidable spotlight on Wendy’s!

Nearly six months since the launch of the Wendy’s Boycott in March of 2016, the hamburger giant remains deaf to the calls of countless consumers who have protested at Wendy’s stores across the country, marched en masse to the corporation’s very doorstep, phoned and emailed Wendy’s executives, and, of course, pledged to boycott Wendy’s until the fast-food holdout joins the Fair Food Program.

Unfortunately for Wendy’s, that means the corporation has missed the opportunity to come to the table while the national boycott was still young.  Now, with the partnership of, one of the most successful online campaign sites in the country (oh, and the upcoming Wendy’s Boycott Summit in Immokalee just around the corner in September and a full season of student, faith, and community organizing ahead), the boycott is about to blow up.

To launch this exciting new tool the right way, we need everyone in the Fair Food Nation to sign — and then widely share — the petition.  Here’s an excerpt:


For decades, farmworkers in the U.S. have faced physical and verbal abuse, daily threats to their health and safety, racial discrimination, wage theft and grinding poverty.  Farmworkers also experience unconscionably high rates of sexual violence and harassment in the fields.  In 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center found that 80% of farmworker women report that they have experienced sexual harassment on the job.

And in the most extreme cases, farmworkers have faced modern-day slavery, with nearly a dozen forced labor operations uncovered over the past two decades in Florida’s fields alone.

That’s the bad news.  Here’s the good news:

Today, there is a solution.  As farmworkers, we have created the Fair Food Program, a groundbreaking partnership among workers, growers, and major retail brands like McDonald’s, Whole Foods and Burger King that is ending decades of farmworker poverty and powerlessness.  The Fair Food Program has been called “the best workplace-monitoring program” in the U.S. in the New York Times, and “one of the great human rights success stories of our day” in the Washington Post, and has won widespread recognition for its unique effectiveness from a broad spectrum of human rights observers, from the White House to the United Nations.  Just last year the Fair Food Program received a Presidential Medal for its unique success in fighting modern-day slavery and other human rights abuses in corporate supply chains.

But despite the Program’s historic achievements in advancing farmworkers’ human rights, one buyer is still standing in the way of progress:  Wendy’s.

We are calling on you to stand with farmworkers in boycotting Wendy’s until they join the Fair Food Program and agree to protect the basic human rights of workers in their supply chain… Read more and sign!

Ready to sign?  Head over to to be among the first to add your name to the boycott petition.  Even more importantly, here below are some a few quick ways for you to share the boycott petition far and wide:

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SIGN & SHARE: @Wendys: We’re boycotting you until you support human rights for farmworkers! #BoycottWendys 

.@Wendys: If you want our business, you must join @FairFoodProgram! #BoycottWendys

NEW PETITION: @Wendys: “Our human rights are not optional…” #BoycottWendys

Boycott @Wendys until they agree to protect the human rights of farmworkers! #BoycottWendys

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