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Ahold agreement sparks major buzz in mainstream media, Twitter!

 Take Part: "Buying ethical tomatoes just got a whole lot easier"...Wednesday's big announcement of the CIW's newest Fair Food agreement caused quite a stir in the media, mainstream and otherwise, as Ahold became the first mainline grocer to join the award-winning Fair Food Program.  From the Washington Post to Eva Longoria, everyone had something to say about the breakthrough agreement. >> Read More

Reactions to Presidential Medal nod to CIW history, power of Fair Food Program…

[hupso title="Reactions to Presidential Medal nod to @CIW history, power of @FairFoodProgram" url="https://ciw-online.org/blog/2015/02/reactions-presidential-medal/"] From the mainstream media to the blogosphere to twitter, news of the CIW's reception of the Presidential Medal for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking traveled far and wide last week, and we've collected some of the highlights for you here. Let's start with the Ft. Myers >> Read More

The sequel to “Food Chains” — Fair Food Standards Council Executive Director talks about “the story unfolding in the fields today”…

[hupso title="The sequel to @FoodChainsFilm: @FairFoodSC Exec Dir talks about story unfolding in the fields today" url="https://ciw-online.org/blog/2014/12/ffsc/"] Judge Laura Safer Espinoza: "It's a wonderful story.  It's the story of a new day, and it's a new day born of partnership." Judge Laura Safer Espinoza is not a person you will hear talking with the press or making many public speeches.  In fact, >> Read More
“This is not a film about oppression, it’s actually a film about transformation”…

“This is not a film about oppression, it’s actually a film about transformation”…

[hupso title="'This is not a film about oppression, it's actually a film about transformation' - @EvaLongoria @Chrislhayes" url="https://ciw-online.org/blog/2014/11/food-chains-media/"]   MSNBC, Washington Post and many, many more national media weigh in on "Food Chains" and the movement for Fair Food! The day has finally arrived, and "Food Chains" hits theaters in major cities around the country today.  Ahead of its release, >> Read More

Must See TV! Eva Longoria talks Fair Food Program, Florida tomatoes, and Food Chains with Stephen Colbert!

[hupso title="MUST SEE TV! @EvaLongoria talks @FairFoodProgram, @FoodChainsFilm w @StephenAtHome" url="https://ciw-online.org/blog/2014/11/eva-colbert/"] 1.4 million viewers, millions more on Twitter, learn about the revolution taking place in Florida's tomato fields as "Food Chains" readies for nationwide release! Tuesday was a good day for Fair Food.   With standing room only screenings of "Food Chains" taking place Tuesday in New York City, New Orleans, and >> Read More

Eva Longoria: “I think it’s important for us to get out the message about people who are doing it right.”

[hupso title="VIDEO: @EvaLongoria's exclusive endorsement of the @FairFoodProgram from the @FoodChainsFilm team!" url="https://ciw-online.org/blog/2014/11/eva-ffp/"]   "Let's buy Florida tomatoes"...  FOOD CHAINS crew releases exclusive new video endorsement of the Fair Food Program and the Florida tomato industry by Executive Director Eva Longoria! With the national theatrical run of the exciting new documentary "Food Chains" just days away, Executive Producer Eva Longoria and the film >> Read More

Bill Maher, Eva Longoria talk “Food Chains,” Fair Food Program on HBO’s Real Time!

[hupso title="VIDEO: .@BillMaher, @EvaLongoria talk @FairFoodProgram on @RealTimers!" url="https://ciw-online.org/blog/2014/11/maher-eva/"] HBO show highlights Fair Food Program as "Food Chains" readies for Nov. 21 release... Fair Food activists tuning into HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher were in for a real treat last Friday night, as "Food Chains" Executive Producer Eva Longoria joined Maher for an extended interview on the upcoming documentary, the plight of >> Read More

A call to a different kind of action! “Food Chains” director calls on Fair Food Nation to mobilize for film release…

[hupso title="FILM UPDATE: Mobilize for the release of @FoodChainsFilm! New cities & more..." url="https://ciw-online.org/blog/2014/10/food-chains-mobilize/"] Film's national release coming up fast! As the November 21st nationwide release of "Food Chains" rapidly approaches, we are thrilled to be able to share the list of cities in which a full theatrical launch is planned (a "full theatrical launch" is when a film is screened at a proper theater for a >> Read More

Hot off the digital press: A social media round-up and a beautiful new image for 21st century food justice!

[hupso title=".@ClintonGlobal Citizen Award sparks surge of social media about @CIW & #FairFoodProgram..." url="https://ciw-online.org/blog/2014/09/clinton-twitter/"] Clinton Global Citizen Award sparks surge of social media about @CIW and the #FairFoodProgram... Sunday’s Clinton Global Citizen Award ceremony in New York was a truly unforgettable celebration of the remarkable progress achieved in Florida’s fields through the Fair Food Program.  Over 1,000 people squeezed into the Sheraton ballroom in >> Read More

Entertainment Weekly gives “Food Chains” a plug, runs exciting new trailer!

[hupso_hide][hupso title="Short title" url="the URL"]   Countdown begins to big Thanksgiving Week release... Entertainment Weekly ran a piece yesterday in its "Inside Movies" column plugging the documentary "Food Chains" -- the film featuring the Campaign for Fair Food as a long-sought solution to the exploitation and abuse of this country's farmworkers -- highlighting the stars who contributed to the film, >> Read More